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Someone before me has attempted to unbreech it by prying on the yoke from inside of the receiver that attaches to the locking plunger.
The process is fairly simple and involves removing a couple of screws next to the Lightning connector, and then prying off the display assembly with a suction cup.
Summary: Shark fin sellers in Hong Kong have been hiding their delicacy away from prying eyes on rooftops, sparking outrage from environmentalists.
The Deck Demon is able to get farther under the boards and deliver twice the prying power of standard pry bars.
The tip radius is shorter than the standard bucket to keep the breakout forces high, but is long enough to form a V shape that is structurally sound for ripping and prying.
The Mail Shield operates via a lever mechanism that allows for package delivery while engaging an innovative steel barrier which guards the mail and package storage area from access by prying criminal hands.
Yasni quizzed 1,412 people asking them how many hours they spent prying online.
When the people outside went to the back of Murphy's house and began prying on a window, he "pulled back the drape and pointed the gun at them.
The deconstruction team then began removal of the upper flooring by prying it from the joists with long bars.