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De Witt, after having said some few words to Cornelius, the meaning of which the prying neighbour could not read in the movement of his lips, took from his breast pocket a white parcel, carefully sealed, which Boxtel, judging from the manner in which Cornelius received it, and placed it in one of the presses, supposed to contain papers of the greatest importance.
You tell me I am prying into affairs which are yours only?
Get in If Patel cares about the safety of children, she should scrap her online prying and spend the money saved on checking children's homes, nurseries and wherever children are to be found.
The blade on the Sandrin TCK is very thin and I don't recommend prying with any slender blade.
In the second clip, the men resort to using a hammer and, within 30 seconds, succeed in prying away both the glass and its rubber layer, before gently pulling out the child and handing him to his distraught mother.
Summary: California [United States], September 27 (ANI): If you thought you have protected your personal information enough from the prying eyes of Facebook advertisers, think again.
Meanwhile, in a 2017 report, People magazine cited an insider source, who claimed that the couple go to great lengths to avoid the public and media's prying eye.
And I'll bet you and I have used a pocketknife not only for cutting and slicing but also for prying and scraping--oftentimes beyond the scope of the knife's design.