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In this paper we consider the fuzification of pseudo a-ideal, pseudo q-ideal and pseudo p-ideal in pseudo-BCI algebras, and then we investigate some of their properties.
Pseudo Entertainment has developed a state-of-the-art platform to create, manage, and transmit digital content for television, web, and film.
After conducting the first interactive, 360-degree camera Webcast of a national political convention at the GOP gathering in Philadelphia, Pseudo will offer live reports from the Democrat's event at its Staples Center skybox (#C40).
Universal is smart to leverage the Internet to build a buzz for a controversial movie property, and we're pleased they tapped us for our loyal, streaming video audience," said Andrew Budkofsky, VP of Sales for Pseudo.
We're excited about this partnership with Pseudo Programs.
Liz has the kind of 'breakthrough' thinking that will help us elevate Pseudo from an Internet medium to a new medium that transcends TV," said Bohrman.
We believe our coverage of Election 2000 will help Internet TV ascend to the same level of political impact as the traditional networks," said David Bohrman, Pseudo's CEO, who oversaw special event news coverage at NBC and floor coverage of four political conventions at ABC News before joining Pseudo.
0) specification defines the control plane and protocol interworking procedures for ATM and Frame Relay connections across an IP/MPLS network using pseudo wires, simplifying migration from ATM to next-generation multi-service packet networks.