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Where k 2 is the pseudo second order rate constant, A is pre-exponential factor of the Arrhenius equation, E a is the activation energy of the reaction, R is gas constant (8.
Linear form of pseudo first order is given in the following equation:
Therefore in a prospective study we set out to study the prevalence of pseudo exfoliation among Kashmiri patients with age related cataract who were scheduled for cataract surgery.
2] are broadside modes, which correspond to the properties of the pseudo [HEM.
Key words: Pseudo Chediak-Higashi anomaly, Acute myeloblastic leukemia, Child
Super Pseudo will blur the boundaries between performers and audiences.
The pseudo-progressive parasites' mob was protesting because the pseudo government wanted to pass a pseudo-bill that would lower the wage scales of all newly-hired public parasites; protestors would not have been affected by the pseudo-law.
Keywords Smarandache function, pseudo Smarandache function, Smarandache related triangles, pseudo Smarandache related triangles, Pythagorean triangles.
Keywords: Pseudo almost periodic functions, almost periodic functions, exponentially stable evolution operator.
The instructions lack explicit guidance for invalidating the pseudo number accounts and do not provide guarantee agencies with instructions for moving borrowers from pseudo accounts to valid accounts when the borrower's valid number has been established, officials at the Inspector General's office wrote in a report.
Pseudo random signal processing has become critical to communication, information processing, security and measurement systems.
When pseudo punk bands get on MTV and make millions of dollars, I can see how kids' ideas of what punk is changes: it's no longer a "movement" or even a "community," but a commodified "look" and "sound.