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In a case study on pseudonymous folktales, through which authors expressed political and social opinion, Newell argues that we are 'confronted with a "death of the author" and a birth, in its place, of a radical notion of print as existing beyond the subject, conveying a public voice and public opinion' (p.
In the future we want organisations including charities, universities, think tanks and data analytics companies to use pseudonymous GP data for the benefit of NHS patients.
Jonathan Pryce is one of Wales' most successful artistic exports and does himself proud in this portrayal of the pseudonymous Davies, a tramp dressed so badly that he even looks as if he smells terrible.
Even Baldwin, who waived his directing credit in favor of the pseudonymous Harry Kirkpatrick, has warned fans to stay away.
Dear old Christopher Timothy took on the role of James Herriot, the pseudonymous version of Alf Wright, the author of the books upon which the series was based.
It will be interesting to see if issues of safety and security will eventually trump the hallmark ideology of free, largely anonymous or pseudonymous participation in cyberspace," says Sameer Hinduja, a professor of criminology and criminal justice at Florida Atlantic University.
She shows how flaneuses resort to disguise, masquerade, parody, pseudonymous signatures, among other writerly strategies, to manipulate their (in)visibility, move about the city and leave a visible mark on the public sphere.
In addition to the anonymous, or nameless book, there is the pseudonymous book, issued under a made-up name.
Bell and keyboardist/ songwriter Kamer Maza are the aliases for two members of an LA indie rock band they don't want named, and Music Go Music is their fantasy pop project with pseudonymous guitarist and bassist Torg.
By contrast, and more famously, the CEO of a large Austin-based grocery store got beat like a pinata when his pseudonymous posts extolling his chain and slamming the competition were uncovered.
Is it plausible or within the American tradition to assume that no valuable speech appears from anonymous and pseudonymous sources?
Widely read Iraqi bloggers like Riverbend, the 26-year-old pseudonymous woman who wrote a daily account of life in Baghdad, and Raed Jarrar, whose entire family blogged the first three years of the occupation, gave international readers important insights into the real impact of the war--in the form of long, winding narratives, not fleeting quotes.