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Having a clear ruling that they need not file evidence of the impact of the harassment on their own emotional, mental, and physical well-being in order to seek disclosure of subscriber information pseudonymously cannot be lightly dismissed.
Others argue that the Greek style and theological emphasis of this epistle point to a later writer who pseudonymously composed a letter in the name of James.
Chinese users show relatively high trust and dependence on microblogs as an information source, greater acceptance of anonymously and pseudonymously authored content, and tend to be more depend on integrate multiple metadata when evaluating microblog credibility.
3) (For a list of the eighteen women who agreed that their comments on these subjects could be quoted pseudonymously, see the appendix, which includes their year of birth, their age at first marriage, the number of children they bore, and the number of children their mothers bore.
But Cascio has developed a system allowing users to log into websites pseudonymously using Bitcoin addresses.
A shrewd man, he might have chosen not to publish this book, or to have it appear pseudonymously, aware of the condemnation it would court.
In a field where many women who published did so either pseudonymously or anonymously, and with the endemic lack of personal biographies, how many of these working-women poets have we yet to discover?
For example, they may speak anonymously or pseudonymously.
It is a legacy of the neo-classical political theory of the Enlightenment, the best sustained articulation of which probably remains in The Federalist Papers, published pseudonymously by James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, and John Jay in favour of US federation under the Constitution of 1789.
Dhere interprets these poems more as documents of history (what they say about Vitthal's origins) than as documents of memory (what they say, perhaps pseudonymously, about the devotees who composed them).
Here, strongly worded critiques published on the pseudonymously authored blog Grog's Gamut provided the catalyst; Grog's suggestion that little would be lost if the media scrums following the two major party leaders on campaign were substantially reduced prompted ABC Managing Director Mark Scott to rethink the public broadcaster's radio, TV and online election coverage (Scott, 2008).
Speaking at the Cafe Riche, having emphasised that translation is very hard work and that translators are insufficiently appreciated, Johnson-Davis stated: 'I would have preferred to have been a writer in my early life and published two novels pseudonymously.