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119) Viewing enhanced opportunity to proceed pseudonymously as a privacy matter alone risks reinscribing the depoliticizing and decontextualized message that sex, sexuality, and even sexual violation are necessarily private matters to be kept out of public discourse.
13) In particular, it is alleged that we already have examples of such art among avant-garde, Dadaist work, so-called anti-art, the usual paradigm of which is Marcel Duchamp's readymade Fountain, a urinal appropriated for exhibition in a gallery and pseudonymously signed "R.
After her death, Lewis wrote, pseudonymously, an account of his bereavement, titled A Grief Observed, which in turn, some decades later, inspired William Nicholson to write his Shadowlands dramas (for TV, stage, cinema, and radio).
Things did not bode so well in March of that same year for John Doe, John Doe, John Doe, and Jane Doe, three sex offenders and the wife of one, respectively and pseudonymously.
Solomon, to whom today's first reading has been pseudonymously attributed, learned to apply this childhood lesson to matters of greater importance.
2) One Detroiter, an African-American pseudonymously named Margaret by John Hartigan in his ethnographically-minded Racial Situations: Class Predicaments of Whiteness in Detroit, compared both disturbances in ways emblematic of many.
Beginning with Reid's essay "Memory" in Essays on the Intellectual Powers of Man, this paper traces out a line of development of ideas about the temporality of experience that runs through Dugald Stewart, Thomas Brown, William Hamilton, and finally the work of Shadworth Hodgson and Robert Kelly, both of whom were immediate influences on James (though James pseudonymously cites the latter as "E.
The end users can choose and control whether they act (browse, shop) anonymously, pseudonymously or whether they release personal data under specified privacy and trust policies.
Anderson's pseudonymously "documentary" High Glitz series was photographed at child beauty pageants.
First, individual Protestants and Catholics authored treatises that advocated church reunion--sometimes, anonymously or pseudonymously, for toleration did have its limits, and, occasionally, when others published their writings without permission.
16) It is difficult to attribute, and to locate, much of French's writing, since he continued to write some materials anonymously or pseudonymously throughout his career.
39) Feuerbach's career as a university theologian found an abrupt and premature end when his authorship of the pseudonymously published Thoughts on Death of 1830 was revealed.