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Based on the patients' medical history and clinical characteristics (61 years old female; developed double eyelid spasm, twitches of mouth and cheek; no abnormal MRI of her head or thyroid dysfunction; no facial trauma history), the diagnosis was Meige syndrome, and the aggravation of the conditions were related to the psychoactive drugs. Differential diagnosis: 1) Xeroma: xeroma was ruled out by immunological tests and eye examinations, moreover, the patient did not experience any dry sensation of her eyes, which suggested that the prerequisite of xeroma was absent.
Based on data of a sample of young and active or former drug users interviewed at 6 time points at 6-month intervals for a longitudinal survey of psychoactive drug abusers in Hong Kong, this paper examined the effects of a number of psychosocial factors on the continuation or discontinuation of drug use in the sample, as well as psychoactive factors that affected the permissive attitude towards regular and occasional drug use, and life satisfaction.
A team of representatives from four international neuropsychopharmacology groups is finishing a first draft of its proposed new system for drug classification and nomenclature that--in its current form--describes each of approximately 120 psychoactive drugs by five different parameters, or axes, including neurobiologic activity efficacy, and approved indications worldwide.
But at the same time, school officials nationwide 'routinely insist that children said to suffer from ADHD be placed on various psychoactive drugs, particularly Ritalin--listed by the FDA as a Class II controlled substance along with opium, codeine, morphine, and cocaine.
In 1991, Rader became project director on a three-year grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to develop strategies to help all Oregon nursing homes reduce the use of physical restraints and inappropriate psychoactive drugs. She frequently gives presentations and workshops at nursing conferences and is a founder of the Pioneer Network, an organization dedicated to changing the culture of aging in America,
Various studies show that the success rate for the rehabilitation of psychoactive drug dependents ranges from 50 to 70 percent (Crowley, 1983; Simpson & Savage, 1980; Tims, 1981), and it is to these challenges that researchers and practitioners make continuous efforts to look for better modalities in treating psychoactive drug addicts.
For practical purposes, drug abuse is confined to psychoactive drugs, which are chemicals that affect the way a person thinks, feels, or behaves.
Search teams found mind-bending psychoactive drugs - similar to some linked to deaths - and more than 25,000 ecstasy tablets in his Waterloo home after the bungling crook was arrested while trying to pick up a stash intercepted by Border Force officials.
The PDEA chief said the bill should be very specific and 'only legalize the use of tablet or capsule preparations' of the medical component of Cannabis sativa, the plant from which a psychoactive drug was usually extracted.
The abandonment of legal regulation (in favour of prohibition) of alcohol products in the USA in 1920, and its reintroduction 13 years later, is the most graphic demonstration that legal regulation of even a highly toxic psychoactive drug like alcohol is far better than its prohibition.
The Strathclyde force believe the psychoactive drug is being used predominantly by youngsters in Glasgow.
Meow meow, Drone and MCAT are street names for mephedrone, a synthetic psychoactive drug that is also found in so-called "Bath Salts."

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