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It is unethical to exclude all organic pathologies and to conjure up a diagnosis of psychogenic pain, psychosomatic pain, somatic pain, etc.
Increasingly confusing is the diagnosis psychogenic pain, in which case no organic pathology is found and none is concluded to exist, except in the imagination of the patient.
In the present case, there was nothing in the past medical records to suggest factitious disease, the other disorders described in Table 4, or psychogenic pain.
The main reason for this huge cost is the ambiguity of the aetiology of psychogenic pain.
The aetiology of psychogenic pain is very controversial and there are many debates about the origins and causes of this pain.
This model plays an important role in understanding and treatment of chronic pain, but it lacks a comprehensive explanation of persistence and development of psychogenic pain in all patients (Birket-Smith, 2001).
Based on this model each person has a unique perception of pain because of different emotional, cognitive, and sociocultural contexts in which the psychogenic pain is developed.
It can be important to bring up the issue of stress and the role it plays in psychogenic pain, but it's also important to reassure such children that one knows that the pain they experience is "real.