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These types of medications are linked to greater risk for cognitive impairment, memory disturbances, growing physiological and psychological dependence and complex sleep-related behaviors, such as sleepwalking.
The pattern of tobacco use was measured using the following parameters: number of cigarettes smoked per day, amount of carbon monoxide expired and level of physical and psychological dependence on nicotine.
Patients taking a prescription stimulant are at increased risk for psychological dependence on the drug due to its effects of mood elevation and euphoria.
The treatment starts with detoxification, then turns into helping the patient get rid of his psychological dependence to drugs, and then ends with helping him return to his normal life and fit in the community again.
Passion killing" comes in where we as individuals, whether male or female seek to exploit that mess by offering a false sense of re-assurance to a wounded individual with the view to creating some emotional or psychological dependence.
2 The factors contributing to the practice include time constraints in the face of increasingly fast paced urban lifestyle, financial constraints coupled with the political and economic instability of the country, lack of accessibility to healthcare facilities which is a predicament of the public in the country's rural areas, female gender and the restrictions that come with being a woman belonging to the overtly religious and feudal society of this part of the world, cultural norms that put emphasis on out-dated home-made remedies and faith healers, and psychological dependence mainly on painkillers and mood-altering drugs.
Their study is the latest in a slew of research linking nargileh or water pipe smoking to a variety of lung diseases, which also shows that frequent users can develop both a chemical and psychological dependence similar to that of cigarettes.
Only when you realize the falsehood of the chimera you are lured by, will you be able to cut the bondage of psychological dependence.
Long-term effects of continued alcohol misuse can include physical or psychological dependence, as well as the obvious damage to internal organs and brain function.
Considering that all opioid substances can cause abnormal drug-seeking behavior-addiction-in a varying degree, a prolonged use of Tramadol without medical necessity and without consulting a doctor, especially when used in high doses, will lead to physical and psychological dependence on the drug, requiring users to take higher doses to achieve the desired impact.
In particular, the psychological dependence criteria (craving, loss of control and narrowed behavior) dominated the course.
Studies have linked opioids to a variety of bad effects, from psychological dependence to sleep apnea, hormone deficiency, and falls; fatal overdoses have occurred too.

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