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In addition, Salameh's research established that it was possible for smokers to develop a chemical and psychological dependence on nargileh.
There is clear clinical evidence to prove that if taken over a long period of time, they become highly addictive and can create unpleasant side-effects, not least psychological dependence and increased anxiety.
Today with the introduction of some of the effective hypnotherapeutic techniques such as guided imagery, visualization techniques, dream induction, rational emotive behavior therapy and aversion therapy, psychological dependence can be successfully managed.
The judge said they shared equal responsibility for their son's death although she accepted Norman's gross failure had resulted from her psychological dependence on her partner.
ALCOHOL drinkers may develop a physical or psychological dependence on booze.
So they start using them, and they develop a physical or psychological dependence on medication.
Clinical psychologist Costas Constantinou said it provides services including detoxification, help with psychological dependence and rehabilitation and social reintegration.
Although khat gives users a sense of high spirits, there are concerns it causes depression and physical or psychological dependence.
Low-dependence smokers may need a patch for only 3-6 weeks to begin eliminating their psychological dependence and their habit patterns.
The reason no one holds up convenience stores at gunpoint to feed a caffeine habit is the same reason no one robs tobacco merchants to feed an addiction to tobacco, a substance widely recognized to produce a hard-to-break physical and psychological dependence.
This may be seen as a form of psychological dependence on ecstasy, even though they are not physically addicted to it.
Although psychological dependence on caffeine has yet to be widely documented, a physical dependence upon the drug is very evident.

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