psychological habits

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They are open to discussions about the mental side of performing and the importance of healthy psychological habits.
Changes in how participants acquired and used knowledge indicate changes in epistemic habits of mind, but for Alex Carole, Harriet, Lillian, Marie and Virginia, changes in their self-perceptions also suggest impact on psychological habits of mind.
In our prior analysis of participants' pathways to higher education (Benson, Hewitt, Heagney, Devos & Crosling, 2010), we found evidence of perspective transformation before enrolment in the accounts of seven of the current participants, with Alex Carole, Marie and Sesh influenced by a disorientating dilemma and Harriet, Lillian, Rochelle and Shannon indicating gradual transformation of psychological habits of mind.
A range of support strategies provided by teaching and support staff may impact positively on epistemic or psychological habits of mind.
Comments from some participants indicated changes in epistemic habits of mind, but changes in the self-perceptions of the older students also suggest the impact of the study experience on psychological habits of mind.
By refashioning Fanny's psychological habits into a sartorial suit of armor, however, Edmund deploys a troubling set of images that imaginatively diminish the strength of her resolve.
But that is precisely because the results are logically grounded in the aim of reliably finding the truth, rather than being mere reflections of our social or psychological habits.

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