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49) This "innate peculiarity" of the psychopath results in indifference "to the probability of punishment for his actions.
html) Live Science estimates  that about a quarter of the male federal prison population is comprised of psychopaths, so was Manson just another inmate in that group, or was he a sociopath?
I knew when I was writing the Frank screenplay (biopic about Frank Sidebottom) that I just needed the space and freedom to just write it however I wanted, so I haven't interfered with how The Psychopath Test movie is going.
Psychopaths are often impulsive risk-takers with a high sense of their own worth.
draws extensively from Lindner's description of the psychopath in
The programme will hear first-hand accounts from those tasked with bringing the psychopaths to justice, as well as heart-breaking testimonies from the victims' families.
40) While it is possible a psychopath might have a psychotic episode, psychopaths are not typically disconnected from reality, enabling them to thrive in life and in their careers.
Dutton's thesis takes us beyond the violent acts of some psychopaths to the behavior of people who head governments, churches, and multinational corporations.
In my opinion, this person is a criminal and a psychopath.
7) In other words, the unsuccessful psychopath might go to jail for swindling dozens of people with home improvement scams while successful psychopaths might swindle millions with bank deals, get bailed out by friends in government, and never spend a day in jail.
My father was a psychopath," Dutton admits in his introduction.