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The researchers also explain how psychopathic traits play into trolling: Psychopaths often display thrill-seeking behavior, and "creating mayhem online" can feed that desire.
Clinicians with an interest in gaining more knowledge in these topics should try to receive trainimg in the assesssment of psychopathy, with tools such as the Comprehensive Assessment of Psychopathic Personality (CAPP) or the PCL-R, and in risk assessment training, with tools such as the Historical Clinical Risk Management (HCR-20 V3).
Treatment backfired among psychopathic prisoners for good reason.
Early sexual behaviours are thought to be facilitated by poor impulse control, opportunistic behaviours stemming from psychopathic personality traits, and insecure attachment orientations which are mediated by substance use.
The first section on forensics distinguishes psychopaths from other antisocial criminals, gives an overview of their emotional and cognitive characteristics, outlines red-flag behaviors, and connects psychopathic behavior to recognized neurological spectra of achievement-orientation through case studies, as well as analysis of relationships in which women are manipulated by psychopathic men.
Unlike previous versions, this criterion takes into consideration the personality traits that are present in a psychopathic individual in addition to the antisocial behaviors.
Notwithstanding the evidences supporting the usefulness of psychopathic personality as a potential precursor of long-lasting conduct problems (Herpers, Rommelse, Bons, Buitelar, & Scheepers, 2012), some concerns have also been raised around the construct on youth populations.
Dutton identifies seven core psychopathic traits, which he labels the Seven Deadly wins: Ruthlessness, charm, focus, mental toughness, fearlessness, mindfulness, and action.
Pellegrini worked at Psychopathic Records from 2009-2012, then was fired.
As well as being such an intelligent woman, I would say she had psychopathic tendencies.