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Thus, the first objective of this study was to analyse the existence of mediation effects of neighbourhood risk on adolescent antisocial behaviour through the psychopathic personality traits (i.
Parallel syndromes: two dimensions of narcissism and the facets of psychopathic personality in criminally involved individuals.
Lastly, the gender invariance of the model will be tested because some sex differences have been reported in the pattern of substance use, psychopathic personality traits and sexual risk-taking (Ruiz, Stevens, Fuhriman, Bogart, & Korchmaros, 2009).
In spite of results observed in previous studies, longitudinal research specifically exploring the stability of psychopathic personality from early developmental stages has been quite scarce (Ribeiro da Silva, Rijo, & Salekin, 2012), with some studies examining this question as part of broader designs.
And now, as the DSM-5 work groups revise their proposals for diagnostic criteria, the psychopathic personality is poised to appear in the diagnostic manual, albeit in modified form.
In these patients significantly more often than in those with normal premorbid and more quickly there were formed personality changes typical to drug addicts, including such severe forms as psychopathic personality disorders and degradation with a strong moral and ethical decline, a violation of disability and family relationships.
Beyerstein; Wiley-Blackwell, 2010), and more than 200 articles and chapters on psychopathic personality, psychiatric classification and diagnosis, anxiety disorders, evidence-based practice in clinical psychology, and pseudo-science in psychology.
However, he was probably not clinically insane but manifested a psychopathic personality with prominent elements of narcissism, sadism and paranoia.
Dr Robert Hare, a psychiatrist and an expert on psychopathy, has developed 20 criteria of psychopathic personality disorders:
The Gulf War veteran had been suffering and still suffers a combination of psychopathic personality disorders and severe post traumatic stress disorder from his Army experiences.