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Depression scores were significantly associated with 16 symptoms, including constipation, hyperventilation, nausea-vomiting, migraine headaches, aching neck and shoulder muscles, hear palpitations and tension headaches, but not the major psychosomatic disorders of asthma, high blood pressure, dermatitis, colitis, or ulcers.
The present results indicate that high school students with deeper depression are more likely to suffer minor physical symptoms of stress, but are not more likely to suffer the major psychosomatic disorders such as asthma and ulcers.
Cardiff University professor Peter Halligan is using hypnosis in his study of psychosomatic disorders
The effects of cognitive-behavioral therapy for psychosomatic disorders remain stable for at least 2 years, according to a follow-up study of 229 inpatients.
Doctors have known about a group of conditions which go by the name of psychosomatic disorders for more than a century.
Early reports of mesmeric cures extolled its ability to heal physical illness, psychosomatic disorders were analyzed and treated through hypnotic sessions, and subsequent papers provided numerous examples of its promise for reducing surgical and other forms of pain.
Hypnotherapy is claimed to be effective in treatment of psychosomatic disorders.
A NEW study shows that St John's Wort is effective in the treatment of psychosomatic disorders.
This chapter reviews the use of hypnosis for the treatment of psychosomatic disorders in children.
The Effect of Hypnosis on Patients with Psychosomatic Disorders.
This clinical observational study examined the effects of group hypnosis on psychosomatic disorders.