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The fictional transgender figure has traditionally been marked as vulnerable to or productive of extreme emotional states, portrayed either as the emotive center of a narrative (The Crying Game), as disturbed, erratic, or unstable (Silence of the Lambs, Ticked-Off Trannies with Knives), or psychotically violent (Dressed to Kill, Sleepaway Camp).
That someone, nay, anyone, would become so psychotically preoccupied by butter carving is part of the joke, that being that human beings are capable of becoming fixated on almost anything.
Kingsley Chapman of the Chapman Family added: "We were lucky to have someone on a big radio station who was psychotically passionate about music from the Teesside area and more importantly was willing to play it on air and invite bands in to talk to him.
And if that's not unsettling enough, how about the sight of Hopper taking a dip with his rubber ducky and laughing psychotically all the while?
Remember this, the next time that someone decides to psychoanalyze (or that psychotically analyze?
rational motive, but rather on psychotically grounded reasons is unfair.
He had been framed by his friend and colleague, Ian Reed, for murdering his wife, then he had been stabbed by him, before Luther's loyal stalker, the psychotically beautiful Alice, pulled the trigger and Reed lay dead at their feet.
Though widely acclaimed for her three plays--her first, The Arbor, premiered in 1980 at London's Royal Court Theatre; her second, Rita, Sue and Bob Too, was made into a film by Alan Clarke in 1986--Dunbar succumbed to chronic alcoholism and bore three children by three different, often psychotically violent, men.
This distinction between homicidal thoughts that occur in a psychotically depressed individual and one with OCD is not particularly difficult to make, but one should always refer to a psychiatrist to make it.
It would be easy to write Vlad off as psychotically violent, but Humphreys is at pains to point out that he did have some more attractive qualities.
At home, the composer "has a wife who's seriously ill and a housekeeper who is almost psychotically in love with him but hasn't declared herself, but feels that he knows and she knows and that they're actually heading for a union.