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What makes my victory all the more delicious is that I was playing against my psychotically competitive Real Radio co–host Ewen Cameron.
In cases involving sexual assaults, especially on females, fear of psychotically induced false charges moved the courts to permit the use of expert testimony about the victim's mental and emotional instability.
Psychiatric facilities that had theretofore primarily treated the psychotically mentally ill found themselves accommodating burgeoning rates of paraphilic and personality disordered patients.
But what these two diametrically opposed portraits had in common was the notion of uncontrolled, unstructured violence: regardless of one's stance on the war, regardless of one's beliefs about American society in general, the Vietvet was now psychotically dangerous.
Like Shadow, they are dressed in (prophylactic) white smocks suggesting the orderlies and nurses of the asylum, a grotesquely and psychotically idealized white national culture.
The majority of the calls received were from women and had to do with 225 cases of psychological violence, 395 cases of psychological and physical violence, 71 cases of psychotically, physical and sexual violence and 16 cases of neglect," MIGS said.
The fictional transgender figure has traditionally been marked as vulnerable to or productive of extreme emotional states, portrayed either as the emotive center of a narrative (The Crying Game), as disturbed, erratic, or unstable (Silence of the Lambs, Ticked-Off Trannies with Knives), or psychotically violent (Dressed to Kill, Sleepaway Camp).
For them madness, or psychosis, represents "only one end of the manic-depressive continuum," the other end resting with their work, "that may be inspired by, or partially executed in, a mild or even psychotically manic state" and which "may be significantly shaped or partially edited while its creator is depressed and put into final order when he or she is normal.
Psychotically aroused by this loop of invasion anxieties and fantasies of control, Hilditch feels "impelled" (125) to improvise an elaborate life story and then to take the unprecedented risk of inviting Felicia into the sanctum of his museum-like home, as a prelude to his ultimate "recolonization" of her.
She ostensibly finds Hollingworth's authority and power attractive (despite his serving the US government), particularly as she abandons her own psychotically infused past affiliation with Trotskyism.
Kingsley Chapman of the Chapman Family added: "We were lucky to have someone on a big radio station who was psychotically passionate about music from the Teesside area and more importantly was willing to play it on air and invite bands in to talk to him.
The mind is apt to play curious tricks under the stress of dealing with a simultaneously incompetent and psychotically aggressive opponent.