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satan, as in other Calyptocephalella species and probably Gigantobatrachus, the pterygoid process of the maxilla in medial view, is wing-like, much more developed than in Beelzebufo (MUZZOPAPPA & BAEZ, 2009).
gayi in several minor details regarding maxillary morphology, including a dorsoventrally taller posterior process of the maxilla and relativelly poorly developed and less wing-like pterygoid process (MUZZOPAPPA & BAEZ, 2009).
In this article, we report an unusual case of a temporal lobe meningoencephalocele in a cranial bone (rather than a paranasal sinus) that appeared as a lytic lesion of the pterygoid process.
Pterygoid process was approached from the oral cavity and the ossified mass was detached from the base of pterygoid process with a chisel.