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PubescenceBody entirely clothed with a denselyrecumbent golden-yellow pubescence.
The data for hypocotyl color intensity, hypocotyl pubescence, overall leaf color, midrib color and seedling vigor were recorded on genotype basis as discrete traits, and thus can be used as plant descriptors representing single value for each genotype, whereas primary leaf length and width (mm) and hypocotyl length (mm) were measured on 10 seedlings sampled at random within each genotype and then averaged for analysis and presentation.
5 m tall with reduced inflorescences (at most 3 cm long) but with bicolored leaves and pubescence that indicates a stronger influence of A.
5-9), pubescence dense on anterior margin of mesoscutum and mesoscutellum, on metasomal terga much shorter, sparser.
DIAGNOSIS: The only species assigned to date to this genus is easily recognized by the shape and structure of body, the conspicuous pubescence, the long antennae, and stalked eyes.
0 times basal mandibular width (Figure 9); clypeal margin very slightly concave; interantennal process small and acute; frons weakly convex, sparsely punctate (Figure 11); surface of eye without fine conspicuous pubescence (Figures 12-13); gena evenly rounded behind the eye, posterior ocellus separated from eye 0.
Plants in Florida had the widest inflorescences and calyxes, and white pubescence on bud scales instead of the brown pubescence characteristic elsewhere (Table 2), though there were several unsampled plants in Alabama with white bud-scale pubescence.
And he was embarrassed by the pubescence of the beautiful hotel masseuse for 180 Yuan (17 Euros) dressed in her crotch high shorts and bikini top.
The maximum diameter of the median ocellus (MOD) is used as a reference to express the length of the pubescence and other structures.
But on the brink of pubescence, to watch your mother having it off on TV is not psychologically healthy.
Prothorax: In dorsal view, glabrous pronotal surface with scattered punctures; anterior angles of the pronotum very sharp and prolonged towards the eyes; anterior margin of the pronotum thick, elevated and with a row of pubescence; posterior angles obtuse with rounded apex; softly serrated lateral margins, with scarce and short pubescence.
Leaves are medium green with short pubescence on the lower side.