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length of ovary pubescence, rind hardness, and rind thickness) and biochemical traits (e.
The pubescence adaxially is distinctive by the hairs between the veins being shorter (0.
T1 with three almost complete, well developed longitudinal carinae, the two lateral ones converging, tergite laterally with inconspicuous pubescence.
DIAGNOSIS: The only species assigned to date to this genus is easily recognized by the shape and structure of body, the conspicuous pubescence, the long antennae, and stalked eyes.
Many of the external markers of pubescence comprise what Erving Goffman (1959) calls impression management.
Character 6: Predominant coloration of carapace, produced by pigmentation of integument together with clothing of short setae or pubescence (basically the color of the spider in life or when dried); 0 = yellow to brown in appearance, 1 = gray to black in appearance.
But on the brink of pubescence, to watch your mother having it off on TV is not psychologically healthy.
The meaning of pubescence is also extremely varied in different cultures.
Estrogen imitators are also lowering the age of pubescence, Sellman points out.
248) Namely, "the legislature could rationally act on the theory that heterosexual singles, even if they never marry, are better positioned than homosexual individuals to provide adopted children with education and guidance relative to their sexual development throughout pubescence and adolescence.
Bloom: Silken sheen/luster on the tea resulting from a fine pubescence on the leaf surface
It appears that after an awkward pubescence, the sector may be growing up.