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Megalastrum fibrillosum differs by pinna rachis scales more numerous, firmer, spreading, and if pubescent on the lamina rachises, then the hairs shorter (ca.
Diagnosis: The species, known only from males, is distinguished from congeners by the predominantly grey pubescent scutum (Fig.
The proposed definition also asks providers to specify the type of exhibitionism: whether the person is attracted to exposing himself to pubescent or prepubescent individuals, to mature adults, or to both.
Plants terrestrial; rhizomes erect to decumbent; petioles scaly toward the base, with 4-10 vascular bundles, the two adaxial bundles enlarged; laminae 1-pinnate-pinnatifid ranging to 4-pinnate-pinnatifid, catadromic above the basal pinnae; basal pinnae inequilateral and enlarged on the basiscopic side or (less commonly) equilateral; rachises, pinna rachises, and costules not grooved or only shallowly so, scaly and pubescent abaxially, densely pubescent on the adaxial surfaces, the hairs whitish, spreading to antrorsely strigose, multicellular, if glands present, these ca.
Scape glabrous with one long and a few smaller subapical setae; antennomeres 2 and 3 glabrous except a few subapical setae; antennomeres 4-11 pubescent, more or less filiform with median glabrous, glossy band on inner and outer side.
Until now, people have had to rely on questionable alternative methods, to deal with a very common condition that affects 90% of post pubescent women.
5 m long, basally 2-pinnate-pinnatifid, medially 1-pinnate-pinnatisect; lamina rachises pubescent abaxially; basal pinnae 3.
I get so nervous at sex scenes, I turn into a sweaty, pubescent boy.
I actually rocked a pubescent moustache for a while.
She juggles business, two pubescent girls, a bonkers ex-husband, a wobbly lover; and there's a baby somewhere who we just never see and seldom hear.
The walls of his modern, minimalist home are adorned with his own photos of barely clothed pubescent girls.
Thus, she represents the average, newly pubescent female.