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The following Medical Subject Heading (MeSH) key words were employed: pubic symphysis diastasis [MeSH], pubic symphysis separation [MeSH],pregnancy [MeSH], labor [MeSH], and pubic symphysis dysfunction [MeSH].
Osteitis pubis is a stress injury to the pubic symphysis and parasymphyseal bone.
I have also identified and marked the suprapubic points about 2-3 cm from each other on either side of the midline just about the pubic symphysis, but I consider the broader anatomic picture and purposeful visualization toward the ipsilateral shoulder to be an essential part of safe technique.
All angles had their vertex along the pubic symphysis.
Gentle percussion over the pubic symphysis is performed to assess for the presence of clinical osteitis pubis.
The initial presentation of OP commonly includes insidious onset of adductor pain and abdominal discomfort along with pain in the pubic symphysis.
Slight rotation may provide space for delivery, otherwise continuous rotation for 180[degrees] so that the posterior shoulder emerges beneath the pubic symphysis may help.
Case report: A severe case of pubic symphysis diastasis in pregnancy.
2) Urethral diverticula are usually located within the midurethra at the level of the pubic symphysis.
The pubic symphysis was evaluated with attention to edema, subluxation, and degenerative changes.
They found that the most likely site for compression of the internal pudendal arteries was between the bicycle seat and the pubic symphysis.
It is a diamond shaped space bounded by the angles formed by the inferior pubic ligament at the pubic symphysis, the tip of the coccyx and the ischial tuberosities.