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On pelvis X-ray PA view, a gap in the region of pubic symphysis was visualized, suggesting the diagnosis of PSD [Figure 2].
16,34,46) Anterior pelvic plane registration in the lateral decubitus position is limited by access to both ASISs or by pelvic supports obscuring the pubic symphysis.
Left sacroiliac dislocation and pubic symphysis diastasis were still evident despite the external fixation (Figure 2).
During a practice session just prior to presentation to the clinic, he executed a slap shot and immediately felt a sharp pain above the pubic symphysis and along the left inguinal ligament.
Women often have pain and inflammation in the pubic symphysis, which may radiate into the lumbar and thigh areas, mainly in the medial regions.
Result: The mean medial-lateral distance from the ASIS to the pubic symphysis was 14.
I perform a similar hydrodissection under the urethra as I do in a retropubic procedure, though instead of injecting 5 cc's to the underside of the pubic symphysis on each side, I instead inject toward the obturator internus muscles.
There was a firm nodular abdominal mass measuring 52 cm from the pubic symphysis to the epigastrium.
The pubic symphysis is the slightly moveable joint at the front of the pelvis.
The incontinence ring (FIGURE 12, page 52) and incontinence dish pessaries compress the urethra against the pubic symphysis.
The sacroiliac and pubic symphysis areas are often overlooked because some physicians are not familiar with the ligament referral patterns from the lower back and pubic symphysis.
A RSH might be expected to expand inferiorly through fascial planes to the pubic symphysis or to the prevesicular space, especially if below the arcuate line and between the transversalis fascia and peritoneal planes.