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I'm astonished that the Welsh Assembly Government wants to spend this extraordinary amount of money on public address systems.
The GV system accommodates complete or partial evacuation, defend-in-place, or other public address announcements, as well as firefighter phones.
Improvements will include a glazed screen enclosure, floodlights, security cameras, better information screens and an extension to the public address system.
"E-mail harvesters scour places on the Internet, put addresses on a list, and send spam", says Huseman, who suggests having a public address for posting but also masking the published address to make it more difficult for machines to harvest.
In nineteenth-century America, the sermon was an immensely important form of public address. Phillips Brooks was one of its most celebrated exemplars.
The eDome is a flexible environment for learning and can be used for other purposes such as a public address or corporate product launches.
That was a real problem: In some of our classrooms, people could not hear the public address system, and we should have known that sooner.
Officers travelled through nearby areas using a public address system to warn householders to stay indoors.
New CCTV cameras, enhanced lighting, passenger help points and public address systems will be installed at rail and Metro park and ride sites in a bid to attract more people to the network.
As he thinks, he remains hard at work, setting up the public address system for Polish Armed Services Day on the broad stairs at the Shrine of Our Lady of Czestochowa, in doylestown, Pa.
The V.Guide pointer guiding system is a simple way of displaying public address information within a busy library environment.
PHILIPS COMMUNICATION, Security & Imaging (Philips CSI) has expanded its Plena public address system to include a full range of mixer amplifiers, universal and system preamplifiers, booster amplifiers, call stations and a matching CD player/tuner source unit.

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