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The voices on the public address system are those of real people - voice professionals - which are pre-recorded to take account of hundreds of journey combinations.
the school board initially indicated that they were planning to defy the Supreme Court's ruling and allow students to lead prayers over the public address system as part of the pre-game announcements.
It will also include day-and-night cameras and thermal cameras linked to a public address system so that security officers can communicate with anyone who breeches the pipeline's right-of-way.
The apartment building's owner, Frank Tocco, filed a lawsuit last month, saying tenants in his 34-unit complex are bothered at night by the station's lights, the automated carwash and noise from the public address system.
A public address system borrowed from a local church was set up on the sidelines.
The complaint asserts that Principal Ernest Reed of West Monroe High School has permitted a student to read a Christian prayer over the school's public address system every morning.
For current buildings over seven stories, it seems likely they will have to be outfitted with an inside apartment public address system that might become a retrofit of a current intercom, and would be used to provide instructions to tenants.
The Mobile Media Center also will be equipped with a public address system.
Tenders are invited for Repairing of Public Address System for Conference Room at 11th Floor of Telephone Bhavan Navrangpura Ahmedabad Eligibility Criteria : The contractors, who are satisfying the following condition can participate in e-tender process.
Technology lab teacher Matt Anderson came up with the idea of a school television studio and show four years ago as a way to grab the attention of students tired of listening to announcements droning over the public address system.
The case challenges the Santa Fe Independent School District's policy of permitting students to lead prayers over a public address system before football games and graduations.
When the project is completed in 1995, pedestrian space will have been increased by 20 percent, access points stationwide by 40 percent and there will also be a new 34th Street entrance just east of one Penn Plaza - with three escalators, a staircase, and an elevator leading directly from the street to the Wains, Other improvements will include upgraded signage, a master destination board, new public address system, improved lighting and a customer waiting area with restrooms.

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