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The voices on the public address system are those of real people - voice professionals - which are pre-recorded to take account of hundreds of journey combinations.
the school board initially indicated that they were planning to defy the Supreme Court's ruling and allow students to lead prayers over the public address system as part of the pre-game announcements.
One of the passengers revealed: "The driver came over the public address system saying there was a problem with the signalling.
The store's existing public address system will be upgraded to directly link the store with the monitoring station and will allow the store and security personnel to communicate at the press of a button.
He noticed that a man in the driveway was carrying a speaker from a public address system stored in Resch's garage.
Anderson thought of the station after seeing how little attention students paid to announcements over the public address system.
Doe, a Texas case dealing with school-sanctioned, student-led pre-game prayers broadcast over a high school's public address system.
1 /PRNewswire/ -- WAVES(TM), a wireless public address system that could enable subway straphangers to clearly hear and see announcements, will be scrutinized in action on Monday, December 4, by key officials of the MTA New York City Transit at one of the city's busiest subway stations, the 59th Street/Columbus Circle station.
It will also include day-and-night cameras and thermal cameras linked to a public address system so that security officers can communicate with anyone who breeches the pipeline's right-of-way.
The nature of an open event site in the town~s prime beach front location requires a highly experienced company with the ability to deliver a full public address system where over 50 % is being rigged on a sandy beach during the peak summer season.
The apartment building's owner, Frank Tocco, filed a lawsuit last month, saying tenants in his 34-unit complex are bothered at night by the station's lights, the automated carwash and noise from the public address system.
A public address system borrowed from a local church was set up on the sidelines.

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