public announcement

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Left together, Hardyman and Miss Pink devised an arrangement which paid due respect to Isabel's scruples, and at the same time met Lady Lydiard's insulting assertion of disbelief in Hardyman's honor, by a formal and public announcement of the marriage.
When she had exhibited these leviathans of public announcement to the astonished child, she brought forth specimens of the lesser fry in the shape of hand-bills, some of which were couched in the form of parodies on popular melodies, as 'Believe me if all Jarley's wax-work so rare'--'I saw thy show in youthful prime'--'Over the water to Jarley;' while, to consult all tastes, others were composed with a view to the lighter and more facetious spirits, as a parody on the favourite air of 'If I had a donkey,' beginning
Impressed by the deep solemnity of the public announcement, I
Bounderby to take them; when she said, 'Indeed you are very good, sir;' and departed from a resolution of which she had made rather formal and public announcement, to 'wait for the simple mutton.
And it added: "Press Office continues to recommend strongly that no public announcement is made.
Taxpayers are concerned that the regulation may permit sensitive non-tax information to be disclosed when a deal falls through after a public announcement.
This public announcement is intended to determine if there are any other TAPPI members who would like to assist in the review of these documents in order to retain them in the set.
Unfortunately for the company and the CEO, his second disclosure triggered a more stringent regulation FD requirement, Under it, his intentional selective disclosure had to be accompanied by a simultaneous public announcement.
Prior to making a public announcement that evidence of ETI has been detected, the discoverer should promptly inform all other observers or research organizations that are parties to this declaration.
The Columbus Regional Airport Authority ( CRAA ) is seeking quotes from all interested and qualified respondents to provide music services for facility distribution through the Public Announcement System at Port Columbus International Airport (CMH), 4600 International Gateway, Columbus, Ohio 43219.
In the case of a special meeting of shareholders (which is not also an annual meeting but has been called for the purpose of electing directors, among other purposes, if applicable), notice to the company must be provided no later than the close of business on the 15th day following the day on which the first public announcement of the date of the special meeting was made.

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