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Left together, Hardyman and Miss Pink devised an arrangement which paid due respect to Isabel's scruples, and at the same time met Lady Lydiard's insulting assertion of disbelief in Hardyman's honor, by a formal and public announcement of the marriage.
'Now exhibiting within'--'The genuine and only Jarley'--'Jarley's unrivalled collection'--'Jarley is the delight of the Nobility and Gentry'--'The Royal Family are the patrons of Jarley.' When she had exhibited these leviathans of public announcement to the astonished child, she brought forth specimens of the lesser fry in the shape of hand-bills, some of which were couched in the form of parodies on popular melodies, as 'Believe me if all Jarley's wax-work so rare'--'I saw thy show in youthful prime'--'Over the water to Jarley;' while, to consult all tastes, others were composed with a view to the lighter and more facetious spirits, as a parody on the favourite air of 'If I had a donkey,' beginning
Impressed by the deep solemnity of the public announcement, I
Bounderby to take them; when she said, 'Indeed you are very good, sir;' and departed from a resolution of which she had made rather formal and public announcement, to 'wait for the simple mutton.' She was likewise deeply apologetic for wanting the salt; and, feeling amiably bound to bear out Mr.
A notice released by BMA to the stock exchange said that Mega Conglomerate was submitting a copy of public announcement of its intention to acquire 424m shares of DCL, constituting up to 87.5pc shares of the total issued by the company.
Similarly, in a public announcement monitored on Osun State Broadcasting Corporation ( OSBC) on Thursday around 6.00pm, it was stated that all issues had been resolved, just as the earlier warrant of arrest issued to effect the arrest of Muyiwa had been revoked
The weapons arms deals are direct and public announcement of US support to the dirty war being launched by Saudi regime against the Yemeni people since more than two years.
Accordingly, any party with beneficial ownership of 10% or more of its common stock at the time of Wednesday's public announcement will not trigger the rights plan unless the party either increases its beneficial ownership (other than as a result of an acquisition by the company) to an amount equal to or greater than the greater of 10% after the amendment's public announcement time, or the sum of the lowest beneficial ownership of such person as a percentage of the common stock as of any time from and after the time of the announcement plus 0.001% or, at any time while such person continues to have beneficial ownership of 10% or more of the common stock, exercises any options, conversion rights, exchange rights, rights, warrants or derivatives contract for shares of common stock.
Dubai: Dubai Police have called on members of the public to identify a dead woman whose photo appears in a public announcement.
A further public announcement may be made in due course, CA Immo said.
A recent example was the public announcement of Burj 2020 by Ahmed Bin Sulayem, executive chairman of Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (MCC).

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