public avowal

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The German boss' public avowal will have been made for both his players and supporters.
No democracy can accommodate a coalition in an election government that lasts the government- as still remain-with the public avowal of contesting the polls coalescing with the opposition.
Tiller's public avowal of abortion rights as essential to women's autonomy is an eloquent reminder of what we must do now.
This public avowal of values is another defining feature of a profession (the word 'profession' is derived from the Latin profiteri--'to declare publicly').
David Cameron has recently made the public avowal that he will vote to lower the limit to 20 weeks.
In any case, Peterborough apparently resolved to make a public avowal of his marriage.
Further, it is a public avowal of the profession's obligation to the public and to its own right-thinking members that it accepts the responsibility for the conduct of its individual members.
The term profession originates from the Latin profiteri, which means to declare aloud, to make a public avowal.
Moreover, the traditional purposes of accreditation--frank, collegial criticism and public avowal of academic integrity--were undermined by the mistrust generated by this new agenda.
Similarly, but for the public avowal of the 'Central Intelligence Machinery' last summer, I do not believe the Cabinet Committee Book for 1963 (the first of its kind to be released in full) would be accessible in the PRO from this morning, complete with its references to the membership and remits of the Joint Intelligence Committee and its offshoots: or that strange hybrid committee of Whitehall figures and broadcasters, which would have, in effect, taken over the British media during the transition to World War III and what remained of it after Broadcasting House and Television Centre lay in irradiated ruins.
In fairness, President Duterte has kept to his public avowals he would not interfere with the internal affairs of a co-equal branch of government like Congress.

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