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You told me you didn't know whether it was public business or not.
I have now ascertained that it is public business,' returned the suitor, 'and I want to know'--and again repeated his monotonous inquiry.
After 1818 everything was discussed, compared, and weighed, either in speech or writing; public business took a literary form.
In June, the government announced intentions to amend the public business sector law no.
For public business entities, the proposed changes would take effect for annual periods, including interim periods within those annual periods, beginning after Dec.
Contract notice: Regulatory framework conditions according to the selection and award of external prevention service (spa) business risks public business corporation navarra, slu (cpen) and its subsidiaries.
A public business is one that is owned by the public.
9) To meet or confer with a mediator with respect to any litigation or decision on any public business within its jurisdiction involving another party, group or body.
Question hour and other public business will remain suspended.
The project's partners include affiliates of ExxonMobil, Oil Search Limited, Independent Public Business Corporation, and Santos Limited.
BASED in Birmingham's Central Library, the city council's Business Insight is the UK's most comprehensive public business information service for starting, growing and developing your business, learning new skills and safeguarding intellectual property.
He said there had been a marked difference between what he called the venue's public business, which covers its live music events and Thursday to Saturday nights, and its corporate hospitality businesses, which serves recession-hit firms in the nearby Colmore Row district and in sectors such as construction.

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