public disclosure

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The working group will evaluate the use of enhanced public disclosure as a means of improving the ability of markets to evaluate the risk exposure and risk-management practices of large, complex financial service organizations.
Key sections of the study discuss the factors shaping public disclosure in banking and identify the strengths and weaknesses of the process.
Fitch believes that public disclosure of financial information will be inadequate to maintain ratings following the company's acquisition by HM Rivergroup PLC, a newly formed Irish public company in a deal valued at $3.
Improvements in public disclosure would aid derivatives participants in assessing the creditworthiness of their counterparties and would allow shareholders to gauge more accurately the effects of derivatives activities on public companies' risks and returns.
Either the rating watch will be resolved following a review of the combined company's financial strategy and operational profile or the ratings may be withdrawn if public disclosure of financial information is expected to be inadequate to maintain a rating.
28, the Federal Reserve System Accountability Act of 1993, that involve public disclosure of Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meetings.
The issuer did not participate in the rating process other than through the medium of its public disclosure.
Lewis "Scooter" Libby, top Presidential advisor Karl Rove and other unnamed senior White House officials, for their role in the public disclosure of Valerie Wilson's classified CIA status.
We will share some of the lessons we've learned from working with public sector and commercial databases, including examples of how interactivity will result in improved transparency and finer granularity of public disclosure.
First, is the public disclosure of private facts tort, which requires the public disclosure of a private fact that would be offensive and objectionable to a reasonable person and that is not a legitimate public concern or interest.
Core goverrunent functions include: (i) Policy and strategy management (planning, implementation and M&E); (ii) Financial management (budgeting, accounting and auditing); 1 Public Disclosure Authorized Public Disclosure Authorized Public Disclosure Authorized Public Disclosure Authorized (iii) Procurement management; and (iv) Human resource management.
When you balance the advantages of public disclosure against the dangers of public disclosure, the danger of public disclosure wins.

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