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The organizers point out that the workshop was intended for those interested in public economy, start-up culture, public entrepreneurship and new business models, as well as to those who want to obtain new knowledge and skills in these areas through a practical way.
I have always been advocating this position, to have the smallest possible public economy sector, the smallest number of state banks, and the largest possible number of strong private banks, regardless of their size.
The costs of the trial for the public economy were actually half of what we thought they would be," he told the (https://www.
In short he has 20 years of experience in Insurance Sector equally divided into Non-Life and Life Insurance fields, 16 years in Hotel Industry as CEO, 6 years in Oil and Gas Sector and about six years in the Public Economy Sector.
Rather, contracts must be signed [in the fields] which are needed by Iran in its infrastructure and public economy.
When the civil society arena is tied directly to an oriental type of despotism via state power, it means the formation of a shadow public economy, and a monopoly over power in the political arena.
The latter can make logically argues political decisions: the more widespread individuals' direct participation rights are, the better is the public economy managed.
Musgrave's The Theory of Public Finance: A Study in Public Economy, published in 1959.
The sanctions package will include withdrawing the Palestinian leaders and officials' VIP cards in the Palestinian Authority, confiscating the taxes that should go to the Palestinian Authority to offset obligations with the oil companies, delaying the implementation of economic projects in the Palestinian territories and restricting the movement of senior Palestinian businessmen who work in public economy projects.
It achieves a wider benefit for the public economy and business sectors as well as the society as a whole.
The system of public economy, or the planned economy, is broken (and has been replaced by the new crony capitalism); political power is now concentrated in the hands of a few magnates and interest groups; the gap between rich and poor in society is constantly increasing; government corruption is a daily occurrence and the relationship between the government and citizens goes steadily downhill.

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