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PUBLIC ENEMY. This word, used in the singular number, designates a nation at war with the United States, and includes every member of such nation. Vatt. 1. 3, c. 5, Sec. 70. To make a public enemy, the government of the foreign country must be at war with the United States; for a mob, how numerous soever it may be, or robbers, whoever they may be, are never considered as a public enemy. 2 Marsh. Ins. 508; 3 Esp. R. 131, 132.
     2. A common carrier is exempt from responsibility, whenever a loss has been occasioned to the goods in his charge by the act of a public enemy, but the burden of proof lies on him to show that the loss was so occasioned. 3 Munf. R. 239; 4 Binn. 127; 2 Bailey, 1 57. Vide Enemy; People.

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An ecstatic Alan, known to friends as Fingy, said: "I was wearing a Public Enemy T-shirt and Rudy was wearing his Run DMC cap.
So to be buying Run DMC and Public Enemy CDs and then you're there going, "Look, there goes Chuck.
Andy was the man with the vision and determination to go out there and bag Happy Mondays, Peter Hook, Martha Reeves and Public Enemy for a phenomenal top of the bill.
They might not have been at their best but Public Enemy on an off-night are still one of the greatest live bands on the planet.
Public Enemy: We'll admit, we had this down as a coin flip between Public Enemy and rap heavyweights N.
Prior to "Public Enemies," Michael Mann's latest high-profile dramatization of the last 14 months of America's former public enemy no.
Set during the Great Depression in 1933, it's the true story of public enemy number one, bankrobber, prison escape artist and general hard man, John Dillinger.
Dillinger is America's first Public Enemy Number One, and as the years draw on the police net grows tighter.
So Hoover labels Dillinger America's first-ever Public Enemy Number One and pledges to capture the robber as a demonstration of the department's ability, enlisting tenacious agent Melvin Purvis (Christian Bale) to lead the nationwide hunt.
GIVEN THE WAY GREATEST HITS COMPILATIONS are often thrown together by any label with money to license music rights from an artist's parent company, a collection featuring the work of a group as influential and controversial as Public Enemy would be rightly viewed with suspicion.
These management decisions make the CSU administration public enemy No.
When the Cold War ended and nobody wanted to see thrillers about Russian spies or KGB agents, international terrorists and drug dealers became our two favorite movie villains, and after 9/11 both Washington and Hollywood decided to make terrorists public enemy No.

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