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INN. A house where a traveller is furnished with every thing he has occasion for while on his way. Bac. Ab. Inns. B; 12 Mod. 255; 3 B. & A. 283; 4 Campb. 77; 2 Chit. Rep. 484; 3 Chit. Com. Law, 365, n. 6.
     2. All travellers have a lawful right to enter an inn for the purpose of being accommodated. It has been held that an innkeeper in a town through which lines of stages pass, has no right to, exclude the driver of one of these lines from his yard and the common public rooms, where travellers are usually placed, who comes there at proper hours, and in a proper manner, to solicit passengers for his coach, and without doing any injury to the innkeeper. 8 N. H. R. 523; Hamm. N. P. 170. Vide Entry; Guest.

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The Zetland has recently had a facelift to the front and this is possibly the smartest public house in the town.
The former Wellington public house is on the market freehold with offers in the region of PS50,000 invited.
The Public House will employ Nevada's first and only certified beer cicerone, who along with the bar staff will assist guests with selecting a beer from more than 200 beer selections, including 24 beers on tap and three seasonal cask beer selections from artisanal cask brewers.
However, if a public house is well-located, well-run and offers something extra such as food, the outlook is relatively positive.
In all of these--most notably in providing a forum for public opinion--the public house played a role that has thus far been largely ignored.
Route 803: Walsgrave Public House, Walsgrave Road, Stoke, departs 1.
The public house trade has been dying for some time now through heavy taxation on alcohol, then on July 1 2007 the smoking ban was the final nail in the coffin for the public house.
In Public Houses takes a novel look at one of colonial America's best known institutions, the tavern.

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