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As one of the book's contributors, Colin Leys, notes, Davis's introduction takes too much for granted with respect to what specifically public knowledge might be.
Through these decades of contestation over public knowledge, a rhetorical constant has been the invocation of science, along with its penumbra of facts and truth, to both legitimatize and delegitimatize public action.
Another consequence of viewing science as public knowledge is the elimination of the need for authority figures, whose knowledge comes solely from sacred or inspired thoughts or texts.
The event, which is organised for the 15th consecutive year, aims to enrich public knowledge of astronomy, and present school students, families and museum visitors with the latest developments in this science.
Senior Vice President at Public Knowledge, Harold Feld, said that the combined company would control about a third of the US cable market, with the deal focused on leveraging video, voice and broadband in the so-called triple-play market.
Addressing student officers, General Qahwaji urged them to set a role model of upholding professionalism, discipline and seriousness in acquiring military and public knowledge.
In this anthropological approach to history as public knowledge, he resists the idea that history is intrinsically valuable and instead looks at how and why we value history and what people do with their knowledge of history.
The sides have agreed to coordinate their information and communication efforts in Latvia with a view to increasing public knowledge of the Economic and Monetary Union and the euro, and to contributing to a smooth euro changeover in Latvia without prejudice to relevant Council decisions.
GeoNorth officials believe the acquisition will strengthen its sister company, Public Knowledge Systems, the provider of another database subscription service know as
It was public knowledge that city officials in Helena had filed a complaint against Turbeville with the Arkansas Securities Department and the Helena police and fire pensions no longer did business with him.
Clark Kent seems to have done pretty well so far keeping his superhero status from being made public knowledge (though the list of people who know about his abilities has grown rather large as the years, and a whopping 10 series, have gone by - it's meant to be a 'secret' right?).
But his existence only became public knowledge last week when former Foreign Office mandarin Lord Jay asked after him in a Parliamentary question.

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