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It is public knowledge that through the financial recklessness of the APC regime of Aregbesola, not less than N2.
Sir Nicholas Barrington KCMG CVO, Honorary Vice President of the Pakistan Society in the citation address said that the award is being given to Dr Syed Babar Ali 'for the advancement of public knowledge and understanding of Pakistan in the United Kingdom and beyond.
Advocacy group Public Knowledge also expressed dismay at the FCC's decision to approve the measure.
An important, very significant aspect of science is that it provides us with public knowledge (Popper 1959; Ziman 1968), i.
A researcher who knows how to promote her or his book or journal article not only contributes to public knowledge, bringing the university into closer engagement with its community, educating outside its walls and performing her or his social conscience, but is more likely to gain prominence in the field, research funding, career progression, and other personal goals.
An enlightening cross-examination, and a keen reminder of the economic, social, and moral importance of keeping government information readily available, Public Knowledge is a welcome contribution to college library reference and Library Science collections.
The second and most obvious reason, and one which has been not been made public knowledge, is that the Government, which subsidises all renewable energy sources, has refused to co-operate in this expensive and inappropriate scheme.
The event aims to enrich public knowledge of astronomy, and present school students, families and museum visitors with the latest developments in this science.
Othman Al Mujaini, director for libraries' affairs at Diwan of Royal Court, which is in charge of the Public Knowledge Library, agreed, saying that in spite of the urgent requirement for libraries, infrastructure development was not keeping pace with the society's needs.
In Dilovska's words the buyers are large consumers who prefer to buy cheaper electricity from Hungary or Romania, but they do not wish this to become public knowledge.
Free Press, Public Knowledge and Consumer Watchdog have called on the US Federal Communications Commission and the Department of Justice or Federal Trade Commission to reject the deal.
But having your private life as public knowledge isn't a nice experience.

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