public law

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Public Law

A general classification of law concerned with the political and sovereign capacity of a state.

Public law is that area of constitutional, administrative, criminal, and International Law that focuses on the organization of the government, the relations between the state and its citizens, the responsibilities of government officials, and the relations between sister states. It is concerned with political matters, including the powers, rights, capacities, and duties of various levels of government and government officials.

Public law refers to an act that applies to the public at large, as opposed to a private law that concerns private individual rights, duties, and liabilities.

Public law is the citation given to the original form of federal and some state laws. For example, the citation for the Economic Recovery Tax Act of 1981 is Pub. L. 97–34, Aug. 13, 1981, 95 Stat. 1720 (26 U.S.C.A. § 1 et seq.).

public law

that area of law that deals with the state and the relations of the state with the public.
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Presidential studies research began a rapid movement away from the study of public law and with it any attention to whether the presidency was adhering to the rule of law, due process standards, and other "legalistic" concepts.
The team will join with Akin Gump's health care and public law and policy practices in advising an array of health industry entities in the public and private sectors.
6) The multivolume report highlighted some of the ambiguities in Public Law No.
Cyr, Dunsmuir and subsequent jurisprudence indicate that the Canadian approach would maintain the separation between these two realms but would apply a functional approach for determining the appropriate ambit of public law.
The coordinating board also found little evidence that establishing a public law school encourages local students to apply.
Wilson: not from fears that a public law school will fail, taking taxpayer dollars with it, but from fears that it will succeed, posing a serious challenge to the private law schools.
To make a long story short, I decided to investigate the origins and evolution of public law, and eventually wrote Introduction to Public Law to understand why and how public law followed such different paths in both countries.
Our plan is for the new group to work closely with our other specialists, especially the planning team as they are closely connected, encouraging cross-disciplinary skills and giving us a very strong and broadly based presence across the spectrum of public law.
I am also looking forward to practising public law which can make such a practical difference to people's lives.
In public law we can get a primary care trust to look at their whole policy on prescribing of drugs or prevent the council from closing a care home.
Public Law 529 - creating what is known as Loyalty Day and adopted by Congress in 1958 - started out with a bang in this country to counter communism rallies on May Day.

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