public manners

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And with regard to their influencing public manners, Miss Crawford must not misunderstand me, or suppose I mean to call them the arbiters of good-breeding, the regulators of refinement and courtesy, the masters of the ceremonies of life.
She cared not for Mrs Clay, and had nothing to blush for in the public manners of her father and sister.
Pardon, therefore, what I have said in this epistle, not only without your consent, but absolutely against it; and give me at least leave, in this public manner, to declare that I am, with the highest respect and gratitude,--
I have never approved of the very public manner in which some of our western friends have conducted what they call the ~underground railroad,~ but which I think, by their open declarations, has been made most emphatically the ~upperground railroad.
As to the crimes they were guilty of towards one another, I had nothing to do with them; they were national, and I ought to leave them to the justice of God, who is the Governor of nations, and knows how, by national punishments, to make a just retribution for national offences, and to bring public judgments upon those who offend in a public manner, by such ways as best please Him.
Excuse me," he said, "but it is not my custom to discuss my most intimate personal affairs in this public manner.
I also think it should be the option of a parent to swat their child in public if the child is not using their good public manners.
They are truly inconsiderate, self-absorbed people who have no public manners whatsoever.
I asked one of my Japanese friends about this one day, and was deeply impressed by her answer that since the inside of a train is a public place everyone needs to follow public manners, otherwise social order would be threatened.
The arrests came after Dubai Police stepped up campaigns at Dubai's coasts to crackdown on those who violate decency rules and public manners, as well as to protect beach goers and preserve their privacy.
While public manners continue to deteriorate, queuing remains an unimpeachable routine.
In a society seeking moral footing after 50 years of totalitarian rot, Havel found Klaus' public manners personally appalling and potentially combustible.

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