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The APNS office-bearers are of the considered opinion that the interference in the performance of professional duties of journalists by a public office holder is negation of democratic norms and remnant of dictatorial mindset,' stated the press release.
The unfortunate episode speaks of indecent, intolerant and undemocratic approach of the public office holder which is unacceptable.
A very bad habit of taking offence whenever a public office holder is asked to be accountable is slowly creeping in.
He said being a public office holder, the governor could not hold any other office under the Political Parties Order, 22, and Constitution of Pakistan.
It requires two parties: the lobbyist who is asking for something and the public office holder who is being asked.
Nawaz knows that a public office holder has to answer if his assets are beyond his source of income but he has the audacity to say that even if they are, what is your concern?
I understand the expectations of my term in office will be very high, and I hope the public gives me a chance to learn what it's like to be a good public office holder," he said.
Justice Faisal Arab, a member of three judge bench of apex court has observed that public office holder has formed trust with illegal money.
I have never been either a candidate or public office holder who sought or craved attention.
Mitchell told the BBC: "If he were to resign now, we would be in a terrible position where every public office holder would be open to blackmail and false stories in the media - triggering their resignation.
Therefore, it is expected of an elder, a leader, a public office holder, to maintain the dignity of his/her position (i.
The petitioner argued that Shehbaz, held the post of the Punjab Mass Transit Authority chairman besides that of the chief minister and under the law and country's Constitution, a public office holder cannot hold two posts at the same time.