public opponent

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I know little about councillor Kemp other than he appears to be the main public opponent of some of the Mayor's most questionable uses of public money.
Bryant attended one Pacifica Forum, incidentally on the first day of Hanukkah last year, before he became a public opponent of the group.
I have been a public opponent of the Iraqi regime since it came to power in the 1970s: I never visited the place, never was fooled by its claims to secularism and modernisation (even when many of my contemporaries either worked for or celebrated Iraq as the main gun in the Arab arsenal against Zionism; a stupid idea, I thought), never concealed my contempt for its methods of rule and fascist behaviour.
The most vocal public opponent of the principles of "universal jurisdiction" is Henry Kissinger, who has a laughably self-interested chapter on the subject in his turgid new book Does America Need a Foreign Policy?
After University of Toronto philosophy professor Mark Kingwell, a vocal and public opponent of academic tenure, was awarded tenure, he reflected slyly on the development in his book In Pursuit of Happiness: Better Living from Plato to Prozac (2000): The rumors that my academic colleagues only gave me a permanent job so that I would finally shut up about them, or the theory that the surest way to tenure is to argue for its abolition on television, do not, so far as I know, have any basis in fact.
About the only public opponent of the measure is Springfield resident Curtiss Greer.
This bias supposedly created conflict of interest among farmers on the plantation, said the farmers, who were among the 10 public opponents of Mariano's appointment.
US investment manager Artisan Partners, France's Boussard & Gavaudan Asset Management and Standard Life Investments, which together own about 15 per cent of Countrywide, were the public opponents of last month's offer.
Apostates leave controversial movements and take roles in other organizations, often as public opponents of their former movements.

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