public proceeding

See: hearing
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With the promptness and energy which characterised not only the public proceedings, but all the private actions of this extraordinary man, he at once led his new attendant to one of those convenient emporiums where gentlemen's new and second- hand clothes are provided, and the troublesome and inconvenient formality of measurement dispensed with; and before night had closed in, Mr.
Any future changes to the rule would require rulemaking accompanied by a fall public proceeding.
Department of Transportation to institute a public proceeding to assess the legal and public-interest issues related to British Airways' investment in USAir, to order a freeze on further investment by British Airways in USAir, and to withhold approval on the carriers' code-sharing and other joint arrangements until a final decision is made on the agreement.
States typically guarantee victims reasonable and timely notice of any public proceeding involving the crime and of any release or escape of the accused.
The district court denied the request, finding that the statute that allows crime victims to be "reasonably heard at any public proceeding in the district court involving release, plea, sentencing or any parole hearing" did not mandate oral presentation of a victim statement.
The high court said that "prior restraints on speech and publication are the most serious and the least tolerable infringement on First Amendment rights" and are presumed unconstitutional, especially if the information involved is derived from a public proceeding.
The purpose of the award is through a public proceeding with minor adjustments to buildings, works and land on a defense location with the guideline amount of around 50,000, plus VAT per order.
And no case cited by Respondents suggests that a court or agency is constitutionally required to seal the record of a public proceeding to protect personal financial information relevant to the proceeding.
In its announcement today, the FCC has stated that it will attempt to address this ambiguity through a public proceeding that will seek 'a third way.
It also requires approval by the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) following a public proceeding.
Second, CMKX acknowledges that all of its stockholders have a right to access public information on CMKX and to that extent, is prepared to present CMKX's response via a public proceeding as ordered by the Commission.
In addition, and not to be underestimated for its importance, parliamentary committees provide an opportunity, in a public proceeding, for the governed to face their governors and to tell them what they think on the matter under consideration.

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