public proceeding

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There are no worse instruments, than these general contrivers of suits; for they are but a kind of poison, and infection, to public proceedings.
With the promptness and energy which characterised not only the public proceedings, but all the private actions of this extraordinary man, he at once led his new attendant to one of those convenient emporiums where gentlemen's new and second- hand clothes are provided, and the troublesome and inconvenient formality of measurement dispensed with; and before night had closed in, Mr.
The BCUC will launch a public proceeding on the findings included in the report this fall and customers can register with the BCUC to be a part of the proceeding.
"The price of euro172 million doesn't scream as loudly as, for example, the euro400 million paid for eight-wheel transporters, which is why it hasn't become a topic for discussion," Na#271 said, as quoted by Denniacutek N.Since the ministry will purchase the howitzers from a state-run company, it did not have to launch an ordinary public proceeding and could complete the purchase very quickly, the analyst continued.
If investigative counsel recommends a reprimand, the judge can either not oppose it, not contest the facts but request a non-public hearing on whether a reprimand is the proper sanction, or contest the facts in a public proceeding. After a hearing, the commission can recommend the Court of Appeals censure the judge, and the court must make a finding that the judge committed sanctionable conduct.
There's still has to be a public proceeding. There's still has to be a record of the proceeding because we're doing official acts and this is mandated by the Constitution.'
This paper has approached the prayer delivered prior to the Speech from the Throne as a public proceeding because the Legislative Assembly is open to spectators in the public galleries while it is delivered, it has been transcribed in the British Columbia Hansard since 2001, and it is broadcasted for public consumption since 1992.
In July of 2015, the Institute of Medicine invited NMNEC to a public proceeding to share their story.
The conclusion: hold a public proceeding of sorts and approve the tariff with clear disregard and insensitivity to real and reasonable issues of costs and prices.
With no judge and no order, it is an interesting question under what authority a nonparty attendee at a deposition (who is usually not represented by any of the attorneys present) could be compelled to leave the deposition, which is a "public proceeding." Only a court order provides the proper authority for that.
The CVRA gives victims the right to be "reasonably heard at any public proceeding in the district court involving release, plea, sentencing, or any parole proceeding." (197) Senator Kyl argued that it makes victims "independent participant[s]" and ensures that they may give victim impact statements.
States typically guarantee victims reasonable and timely notice of any public proceeding involving the crime and of any release or escape of the accused.

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