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The critics' key argument was that contracting out would leave the public program at a great disadvantage.
Against this complex backdrop of fundamental change, streamlining has emerged in the public program of vocational rehabilitation as one response to a complex set of circumstances.
The project, National Impact of Library Public Programs Assessment (NILPPA): Phase I, will implement the first research recommendation that came out of an IMLS National Leadership planning grant in 2014.
We have once again sifted through the bulky steel filing cabinets in the SFMOMA offices to bring you another unpublished artist talk from our vast archive of cassette tapes, recordings of public programs spanning more than 30 years.
A number of our contributors are in the news for having published new books, and some will be participating in public programs to promote them over the next few weeks; it's our pleasure to bring them to your attention:
Residents in these areas can now receive the Oman Radio public programs at FM 100.
of North Carolina at Greensboro) and Scott (economics, Dartmouth College) collect 28 articles that demonstrate different methods used in evaluating public programs and examples of actual programs in different public policy settings.
The Municipal Art Society of New York, as part of its campaign for a Grand Moynihan Station, has launched a series of public programs to explore the rare opportunity that exists to build a world-class train station at New York's landmark post office building on 8th Avenue near Penn Station
The scope of the plan, due to be complete by early fall, is to inventory existing facilities and public programs, assess needs and propose improvements.
However, Klein and his advisors left one important item out of their analysis: almost all other countries with national health care insurance provide a greater breadth of services through their public programs than does Canada.
And cumulatively, the steady price escalation has caused drugs to be used irrationally because patients and public programs cannot afford reliable supplies, leading to unplanned interruptions and people not receiving the medication they need.
Teachers were frustrated with wading through the millions of online resources so we put scientific animations, activities and interactive exercises into a format that's useful," says Judy Scotchmoor, assistant director of education and public programs for the University of California Museum of Paleontology.

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