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The "Smart Public Prosecutor Application," is described as "a qualitative leap in the development of the work of the Public Prosecutor".
BEIRUT: A public prosecutor Thursday issue a statement insisting the judiciary was fulfilling its duty after media reports of a scandal at a local hospital and claims the legal system was not acting on the case.
Cairo [Egypt], July 22 ( ANI ): A Cairo criminal court on Saturday confirmed death sentences against 28 people over the killing of Egypt's public prosecutor in 2015 and handed jail term to 15 others of 25 years each.
Al-Hilali gave a briefing to the Turkish Chief Public Prosecutor on Public Prosecution in the Sultanate and its modern facilities.
The public prosecutor has informed the apex court that ban cannot be imposed on crushing mining in entire province.
ABBOTTABAD -- Partial strike of public prosecutors on Tuesday was observed in all six districts of Hazara division against the discriminatory policy of KPK government.
Soma Banarjee had in her letter to The Law Department, requested the state to appoint a Special Public Prosecutor in this case along with a Crime Branch probe into the matter.
Didn't you manage to explain to Johannes Hahn, Jess Baily, Aivo Orav and the others that the current public prosecutor also presented oath that his work will be independent and pursuant to the Constitution?
Nickel Mountain Group AB (NMG) (STO:NMG), a nickel exploration company, announced on Friday that it has been informed that the Swedish public prosecutor has filed criminal charges against two former board members of NMG, Ulrik Jansson and Terje Engstrom Lien, for their actions in connection with the Ghana Gold-transaction in 2013.
In the latest twist to the case, investigation officials suspect that the assistant public prosecutor handling the case, Ayub Khan, sought bribes from some of the accused and attempted to sabotage the case.
The public prosecutor asks 15 years in prison and confiscation of property for ex-Prosecutor General Nurlan Tursunkulov, ex-Chief of Staff of President's Administration Kanybek Zhoroyev.
The prosecution stressed that what was being assailed by the accused was not an error of judgment by the public prosecutor in determining probable cause, but an error of jurisdiction arising from the grave abuse of discretion that tainted such determination.

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