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The crime branch of police apparently conducted an undercover operation against the assistant public prosecutor after a tip-off that the prosecuting official was attempting to sabotage the case.
The public prosecutor asks acquittal for ex-advisor of President Elmurza Satybaldiyev, partial acquittal for ex-Minister of Defense Baktybek Kalyev.
The public prosecutor ordered the arrest of the two Israeli officers.
Instead, the SJC urged Abdullah to apply for returning to his previous job as a judge for the sake of unity of the judiciary and in enforcement of the court ruling that annulled the presidential decree appointing Abdullah as Public Prosecutor.
The Public Prosecutor didn't even await the results of the hearings.
The public prosecutor said in April that Heikal and former prime minister Atef Obeid were accused of involvement in embezzlement of public money and profiteering.
Under the leadership of the new public prosecutor general, prosecutors will have to tackle each problem sincerely and must clearly explain their judgment process to the public.
After explaining the mechanics, Justice Dhingra said: " It is unfortunate that the public prosecutors and the investigators do not have proper understanding of science.
ISTANBUL, Feb 22, 2010 (TUR) -- Istanbul Chief Public Prosecutor's office dismissed the criminal case on Erzincan Chief Public Prosecutor Ilhan Cihaner, for lack of territorial jurisdiction and returned the file to Erzurum Chief Prosecutor's office.
One of our employees stole cash from our office and it has been over six months and we are still suffering at the hands of Interior Ministry and public prosecutor.
But Hizbullah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah denied allegations by the Egyptian public prosecutor that his group, which is backed by Iran and Syria, had planned attacks in Egypt.
The local public prosecutor in the Kurdish dominated city said he was walking home from the mosque after morning prayers when two motorcyclists overtook him and shot him dead in the middle of the road.

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