public recognition

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Other incentives, such as increased public recognition, enhanced public image and the prospect of increased union membership, have proven to be of less influence.
It is a matter of change in culture and public recognition," he said, calling for reform efforts in each sector of society.
Maurits Groen, chairman of the Duurzame Dinsdag jury said, Jeremy Leggett is the first non-Dutchman to receive the Duurzame Lintje, the Sustainability Medal, and the only public recognition of this kind in the world.
If ever an ordinary citizen deserved public recognition it is brilliant Bernard.
ARTISTS longing for public recognition got the chance to show their wares at the weekend.
Carole Kitching, Newcastle College's deputy principal, said: "Students taking academic qualifications such as GCSEs and A-levels always get a great deal of public recognition, which is only right, but many taking vocational qualifications whose achievements are as great, don't receive that same appreciation."
The appeal comes as research reveals 44% of people in the North East believe voluntary groups receive insufficient public recognition for the outstanding work they do.
WGC-Accenture Match Play winner Geoff Ogilvy deserves much greater public recognition for his achievements, his friend and beaten finalist Paul Casey said last night.
A PUBLIC holiday to mark the role of Britain's Armed Forces has been backed in a Government commissioned study into ways of boosting public recognition of the military.
"All of us who work with Bashir are immensely proud of this public recognition of his tireless work in creating and developing the highly successful resource centre," said Chris Handy, chief executive of Accord Housing Association.
She traces his education and career, his role as an art patron and collector, his relationship with his wife, and the cause he supported: public recognition of the cultural contributions of African Americans.
n His new-found fame and public recognition has been hard to deal with;

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