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Unlike Kotler, his colleague, Thomas Harris, in his new book, "The Marketers' Guide to Public Relations," separates the practice of public relations and states that public relations will remain a management function concerned with the company's relationships with all its constituent publics.
Since the first Chinese nongovernmental PR organization -- Guangdong Public Relations Club -- set up in January 1986, more than 400 others nationwide have developed.
He admits to feeling that he betrayed journalism by crossing over to flakdom, at least initially, and devotes an entire chapter to public relations as a dirty word.
Some City Council members - who ultimately have authority over the DWP's proposed 18 percent water rate hike - questioned the utility's spending on public relations.
Tehama Group operates as a part of an advanced public relations practicum.
Paul Sanchez, APR, is executive vice president of Stoorza Ziegaus & Metzger, a full-service communication firm offering services in communication strategy, brand marketing, public affairs, public relations and advertising.
What evidence is there in school curricula that we are preparing public relations students for a fluid, boundaryless, hyper-real, chaotic, post-modern world; where knowledge is the only competitive advantage; where reputation, whether belonging to a transnational, community not-for-profit, or government agency is what all strategy is aligned toward; where the definition of stakeholder goes far beyond employee, shareholder or media; where communication is the fundamental process that links all parts of an organization?
Some examples: the California State University's (Northridge) handling of news when the campus was at the epicenter of a January 1994 earthquake; the University of Florida's public affairs staff's work during the five-day period in 1990 when the campus was paralyzed by a serial killer; racial unrest caused by insensitive comments made by Rutgers University President Francis Lawrence in November 1994; a 1993 incident at the University of Virginia in which a campus construction project unearthed burial sites of Civil War-era slaves; and a protested appearance by controversial Nation of Islam spokesperson Khalid Mohammed in the spring 1995 at Howard University, for which the school consulted outside public relations counsel.
Journalists are enemies," - said the chief of the public relations department of a Russian federal agency in a speech at a conference held in Moscow in May of 1994.

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