public reproach

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Before President Aquino's term ends, we hope to have reformed and rebuilt GSIS as the premier pension fund institution, transparent, autonomous, and beyond public reproach just like what Hataman did to ARMM in his brief stint as regional governor," Vergara told the Philippine Daily Inquirer.
A government responsibility Much of the public reproach the government for the accumulation of garbage along the streets of Sana'a.
Relatedly, when grievous acts unfold in the public domain, victims often feel they need an apology to restore their public face and are thus more likely to issue a severe public reproach.
For decades Catholics in Canada have put up with Catholic politicians mocking and rejecting the gravest moral principles without a public reproach from their local bishops.
To be effective, though, the spectre of public reproach must be absent, whether from superiors or peers.
Another one is the national emotional etiquette which makes any kind of grumpy condition subject to public reproach.
extremely bad reputation, public reproach, or strong condemnation as the result of a shameful, criminal or outrageous act: a time that will live in infamy.
Such lapses in behavior, once investigated and proven, rightly merit not only public reproach, but also vigorous enforcement of applicable civil and criminal laws and sanctions.
Too much worship of the famous has made them invincible, beyond public reproach, demi-gods with sponsorship contracts and a ticket to ride rough-shod over anyone who stands in their way.

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