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Nor was the public revenue well managed at Sparta, for the state was worth nothing while they were obliged to carry on the most extensive wars, and the subsidies were very badly raised; for as the Spartans possessed a large extent of country, they were not exact upon each other as to what they paid in.
And for this reason, I said, money and honour have no attraction for them; good men do not wish to be openly demanding payment for governing and so to get the name of hirelings, nor by secretly helping themselves out of the public revenues to get the name of thieves.
Kerry (55), previously of Starbold Court, Starbold Crescent, Knowle, Solihull, was found guilty in May this year of five charges of cheating the public revenue, following a trial at Hereford Crown Court.
Mancevski explained that, as in fact announced in the Program of the Government, certain institutions, such as the Public Revenue Office, the Customs Administration, the Office for Management of Registers of Births, Marriages and Deaths and certain sectors of the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Defense will work in two shifts.
Services regarding temporary employments for the needs of the Public Revenue Office for 1 year period.
Ever since the Government decided to collect the broadcasting fee with the help of tax collectors, Branko Gorgevski from Dnevnik wonders whether this is only an overture with which the Public Revenue Office (UJO) will be authorized to conduct forced payment of other duties everywhere where the state cannot collect the money.
At Birmingham Crown Courty yesterday, all three admitted cheating the public revenue and conspiracy to cheat the public revenue.
According to the statistics that Alsat-M received from the Public Revenue Office, in only a month, from January to February this year, the number of companies being late paying salaries increased by 2,000.
Contract notice: Services for data connecting of the organizational units of the Public Revenue Office.
Walker was convicted of conspiracy to cheat the public revenue of almost pounds 3.
Citizens will no longer have to take citizenship certificates, certificates from the Public Revenue Office, statements and licenses to administrative clerks.

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