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On the other side, National Accountability Bureau summoned the Director General Sindh Building Control Authority (SBCA) over along with all data of public sale projects as town wise.
Access to tickets is also granted to WRU supporters club members and debenture-holders before any remaining tickets are put on public sale.
A spokesman said: "Should more tickets for the second leg at Aviva Stadium become available, they will go on public sale.
Tenders are invited for Legislative Analysis and Existing Practices Related to Movable Property Seizures and Electronic Public Sales and Information Systems Serving Them.
The WRU will put tickets not sold through its clubs on public sale on Friday 15th August (Dove) and Friday 3rd October (RBS), but fans who wait for that moment are risking missing out as - in principle - clubs, and debenture holders, could have filled the Millennium Stadium six times over long before that date, and earned cash-back per ticket on tier one matches in the process.
The first day of public sale eventually took pounds 13,974, an increase on Flint Street's record of 75%.
According to a press release issued by Grede, the company has a potential buyer willing to finance it until a public sale where other suitors can submit bids.
The highest-fetching item on public sale is a wood canvas by George Paul Gregoriou, estimated at e1/435,000 to e1/445,000.
SCOTLAND fans are facing a Hampden lock-out after SFA bosses scrapped the public sale of tickets for our World Cup qualifiers.
DUNFERMLINE supporters can snap up tickets for the Scottish Cup Final clash with Celtic when they go on public sale tomorrow.
FOLLOWING continued interest in your letters column, I write to add my voice to those who call for a ban on the public sale of fireworks.
To collect the remaining debt, the lender posts a foreclosure sale notice on the house and it is put up for public sale.

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