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The bill, which advanced with a 142-0 vote, would cut off pensions for legislators and statewide elected officials who are convicted of a variety of felonies - such as bribery and theft of public money - that are connected to their service as public servants.
According to the new provision which was also recommended by the Law Commission any person who obtains or attempts to obtain undue advantage for himself or for another person, by abusing his position as a public servant or by using his personal influence over another public servant; or by acting in violation of a statutory duty or any set of rules, government policies, executive instructions and procedures; or by any other corrupt or illegal means shall be liable to imprisonment up to a minimum of three years and which can be extended to seven years.
Mind you, the public servant that is doing the day-to-day job that started the confrontation believes that he/she has authority and jurisdiction because they were told that they had it.
When I arrived in Washington in 1961, people became public servants because of idealism, a yen for power, or a desire for job security.
At one extreme, this is exemplified by the public servant who told his new minister: "I will never vote for you, but I will always be loyal to you" or the deputy minister who told his minister: "You are the elected official and you make the decisions but I look after all the people who advise you and carry out these decisions --don't ever mess with my people.
d) Opportunity of hearing to public servant: The Select Committee has recommended that the seeking of comments from the public servant during the preliminary inquiry by the investigating agency should not be mandatory [clause 20 (2)].
Solicits, accepts or agrees to accept any benefit as compensation or consideration for having as a public servant given a decision, opinion, recommendation or vote favorable to another or for having otherwise exercised his or her discretion in favor of another; or Offers, confers or agrees to confer any benefit upon a public servant and the receipt of the benefit is prohibited by this section.
William Stawell, the chief architect of the document, envisioned a public servant devoid of political opinion.
OTA's Board of Directors is honored to recognize Congressman Sam Farr with OTA's Public Servant Award for his unwavering support and advocacy for organic farmers and the organic sector," said Melody Meyer, Vice President of Global Initiatives for UNFI and member of the OTA Board of Directors.
According to article 250 of the Federal Penal Law, a person who impersonates a public servant and/or carries out a public servant's duty, faces up to five years in jail.
To survive and succeed in these difficult economic times, government leaders and their employees must work together to replace the old-fashioned public servant paradigm with a business model that is aligned with the realities of current business conditions and constituent expectations.

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