public spirit

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67) that public spirit and public opinion are readily identified in French parlance.
A second test concerns resources, because the public-choice model describes officials as keen to amass resources and not to deploy them, whereas the public-spirit model asserts that the lack of resources need not weaken public spirit.
Very much of what is best, noblest, most beautiful, most intellectual in the world's history - in Greece, in Italy, in Germany, in England, in America, is bound up with the intense life of cities, with men's love for their city, with the public spirit of a city.
But the Welsh Blood Service needs 6,000 new donors and that means that it is no longer enough to rely on the public spirit of others.
Romantics on both the Jacobin left and the traditionalist right were inclined to view this new economy as a blight on the landscape and the soul alike, reducing workers to cogs and neighbors to strangers, throwing up a new and spiritually rootless elite of uncaring bourgeois, and replacing quondam public spirit and noble national purpose with a mere cash nexus.
The point I am making is that a sense of strong public spirit is the kind of thing that builds a strong community and this was very evident throughout the history of this small town.
I have no doubt the public and media will applaud them for their public spirit, so I await with interest to see who will set the ball rolling.
The government will submit to parliament on Friday a bill to amend the 1947 basic education law to stress public spirit and Japanese tradition, despite uncertainty over its enactment during the current session, officials said Tuesday.
Officially recognised poets, such as the Poet Laureate, rarely touch the true public spirit.