public statement

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You make the public statement that calls for his trade, that debauches and depraves him, till he feels no shame in it; and in what are you better than he?
Product or service issues remained steady as well, representing 15% of public statement in both 2014 and 2015.
For the insult in a public statement, published in media, citizens should be fined by 5-10 thousand som, officials - by 10.
At our meeting on 27 November 2008 it was tabled and passed unanimously that we, the Pambula Association Branch, would like to extend our thanks and appreciation of the public statement by Bega Hospital Branch calling for the reinstatement and continued maintenance of health services at Pambula Hospital.
Fretter seeks, among other relief, a restraining order, an accounting, a public statement from Sun retracting its claims and compensatory damages in an amount in excess of $50,000, plus attorneys' fees, costs and unspecified punitive damages.
A press release was released from Muna's managing office saying that Muna never met Shatha and she does not know how the latter made public statements that they had met in person at a restaurant.
The public pages of this website publish TEI's policy positions and public statements.
gov, click on "News & Public Statements," then on "Speeches and Public Statements by Chairman and Commissioners.
Smith's job was to scour the public statements made by Big Brother and "rectify" those that subsequently proved to be in error; he did this by excising the offending words from the database, reworking the public record to fit the current party line, and casting the offending comments down the "memory hole.
An interesting overview of Wilson's public statements about race and what he sees as white theater's misguided efforts" at multiculturalism, this final chapter does little to help explain the inherent contradictions in many of Wilson's remarks--perhaps because he seems unable to reconcile his own mixed response to the acclaim he has been awarded by white critics and audiences.
Previously, ethics committee members always have been ``exceptionally cautious'' about making public statements when issues were not yet resolved, said Democratic Rep.