public statement

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References in classic literature ?
He delivered himself with precision, as if he had been called upon to make a public statement; and the balanced sing-song neatness of his speech, occasionally corresponded to by a movement of his head, was the more conspicuous from its contrast with good Mr.
You make the public statement that calls for his trade, that debauches and depraves him, till he feels no shame in it; and in what are you better than he?
Gourmet Foods is yet to issue a public statement in this regard.
I strongly disagree with the public statement of President Duterte last June that likened our Constitution to 'toilet paper.'
Mueller never made public statements during the investigation and has only made one public statement since it concluded.
A former council leader yesterday called on the local authority to make a public statement on repairs to wall panels at Dumfries Ice Bowl.
The State Services Commission has announced an investigation into recent questions raised concerning the Chief Executive and Secretary to the Treasury, Gabriel Makhlouf, and his actions and public statement about the causes of the unauthorised access to Budget material.
Mr Barr has said he was surprised Mr Mueller did not reach a conclusion on whether the president had criminally obstructed justice, though Mr Mueller in his report and again in his public statement said that he had no choice because of a Justice Department legal opinion that says a sitting president cannot be indicted.
She also informed the Security Council President about Prime Minister Imran Khan's public statement in which he offered dialogue to India, but also said that Pakistan will respond if India embarks on any misadventure.
The announcement came late on the same day that WBEZ Chicago reported that emails from the summer of 2015 indicate that officials in the Republican governor's office made a deliberate decision to hold off making a public statement even though more than a dozen people had contracted the flu-like malady.
I told him to make a public statement and disclose everything to the people.
Africa command said late on Wednesday, the first public statement on the findings from an investigation into the raid.