public support

See: goodwill
References in classic literature ?
And now I am going to sell you that letter, and the price I ask for it is your public support of the Argentine scheme.
You cannot stop him, his public support will sweep away every hurdle in his way.
We recognise that extra money for healthcare has to come from somewhere, but we believe there would be public support for making this a priority.
It shows tacit public support to the President's action following the rebellion in Marawi,' Abella added.
Five of the top six organizations in this year's NPT100 ranking of the largest nonprofits based on public support were in the top six spots for 2006.
However, I believe that the public support that they now have will be reduced with more cancellations if there is more strike action on February 10.
Rather than abandoning the American paradigm, Roux attempted to somehow reconcile the reality of the SACC's low public support with the logic of this controlling paradigm.
Japanese public support for Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has dropped in the days since his ruling coalition rammed through legislation allowing the nation's troops to fight abroad, opinion polls showed Monday.
It is the responsibility of police to gain public support and show the best performance, the police chief said, adding community policing had been getting roots in masses.
That was my vision and I am very grateful for the immense public support and attendance.
Tahir-ul Qadri's public support and avoid using state machinery against his party.
Public support for economic measures that favor the wealthy and ignore the needs of the poor:

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