public support

See: goodwill
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And now I am going to sell you that letter, and the price I ask for it is your public support of the Argentine scheme.
Surely they didn't need to get public support for a local band who have given so much pleasure to thousands for 30 years and brought fame to the region.
These results contradicted an earlier Pollara poll suggesting 57% public support for such research.
NZNO'S CAMPAIGN to achieve fair pay, which was endorsed at last year's conference, has been buoyed by a recent nation wide poll revealing overwhelming public support.
On the other hand, however distasteful we may find it, many of these groups have some public support, particularly in rural areas.
ENDA's enjoyed tremendous public support for years, but we've still not been able to get it passed," he says.
This time around the effort to purchase the ship is being led by councilors Rene Larson and Bill Scollie, and it appears that public support for the project is strong in the city.
Locals Online provides interactive Internet tools designed to help locals use Web sites to reach out for public support to win living wages, health care, and the public resources to provide quality services.
has positioned himself as an advocate of public support for religious charities and has been working behind the scenes to broker a legislative package that would garner a majority in the Senate.
Research integrity is a vital component of both the reliability of the research record and the trust that underlies public support for research.
Elegant and costly editions of this kind are the only way -- failing public support, and imagine the ideological and bureaucratic snafus of public support for an illustrated Bible--to finance work on this scale: living expenses, car payments, books, payments to models, meetings with a board of distinguished advisors, the purchase of tools and supplies.
Canada's long tradition of public support for the arts appears to be changing overnight.

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