public support

See: goodwill
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And now I am going to sell you that letter, and the price I ask for it is your public support of the Argentine scheme.
Public support is unlikely to be a concern for Paris either - the IOC poll of the French capital's bid is understood to have shown slightly better figures than for London's.
ITEM: The Endangered Species Act, maintains The Olympian (Wash.)for January 6, "has strong public support. In a Lou Harris & Associates poll commissioned by The Olympian several years ago, 71 percent of the adults surveyed called the act some what to very effective in protecting plants and animals from extinction....
Both measures faced serious obstacles while enjoying broad, if not very deep, public support They became law only because of the intense and relentless efforts of a handful of smart politicians--Sen.
The public support figure used is a combination of both "direct" public support and "indirect" public support, which can include foundation grants and government contracts.
Lawmakers in Congress, right-wing media commentators and voucher supporters hail religious schools as models that deserve public support. But critics note that some private schools practice religious discrimination, teach controversial curricula and avoid the kind of accountability we expect from publicly funded institutions.
Malaya then said Duterte was just being 'realistic' in his speech, noting that the President wanted to boost information dissemination on federalism to enhance public support.
We find widespread public support for legalizing marijuana, but the devil is in the details.
Summary: New Delhi (India), Jan 13 (ANI): Ahead of the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leaders are leaving no stone unturned to garner public support for their party.
Contract notice: Execution of construction and repair works - reconstruction of an existing building in a public support center
We need not state that public support is indispensable in governance.
Through public support I am optimistic that next general election will be held impartially and peacefully in Balochistan which is my priority, I will utilize all efforts to bring people for voting with attractive voter turn- out.

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