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Pegging the cronyism behind schemes like the Timber Innovation Act, he adds, "Agribusiness leads the way when it comes to directly looting the public treasury.
Citizens won't be able to contribute under our current economic difficulties, so the Houthis will have to support their mobilization campaign through a public treasury that is already half-empty.
Since no money was stolen from the public treasury, the prime minister says, there is no corruption here.
The government has the responsibility of confiscating all wealth accumulated through usury, usurpation, bribery, embezzlement, theft, gambling, misuse of endowments, misuse of government contracts and transactions, the sale of uncultivated lands and other resources subject to public ownership, the operation of centers of corruption, and other illicit means and sources, and restoring it to its legitimate owner; and, if no such owner can be identified, it must be entrusted to the public treasury.
The third penalty is a fine equivalent to the proceeds of the crime which is payable to the Public Treasury of the Government of the UAE.
They consider "Obama's Wars" in three acts, focusing on the wars abroad, the war on service-members, and the war on the public treasury.
However, it has emerged that the Ministry of Finance had transferred the money to the public treasury of this trust.
Board's finances are directly linked to the public treasury.
6 billion CFAF as fines to the country's public treasury, the Chairman of the National multi-sectoral regulation council (CNR), Almoustapha Boubacar, told a news conference here Tuesday.
It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves largesse from the public treasury.
DRC's public treasury will reap $64 million from the transaction, plus more than $10 million in taxes and other payments, Jacques Baikpon, chief of staff at DRC's telecoms ministry told Reuters.
15) for the year 1977 for issuance of development bonds shall be rescinded and replaced with the following text: Article (1) The Minister of Finance is permitted to issue in consensus with Bahrain Central Bank public treasury bonds inside the Kingdom of Bahrain or abroad hereinafter to be called development bonds and Islamic Sharia-compliant financial instruments within the limit of BD 3,500 million (Three-thousand and five-hundred millions Bahraini Dinars) in compliance with the provisions of article (2) of this Act.

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