public wrong

See: crime
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That the institution of the new complaint which involves disbursements of PCSO funds for earlier years hardly suggests that its filing is to vindicate a public wrong, read the motion filed through Atty.
Wrongs committed by police officers--whether serious or trivial--are a particular kind of public wrong.
Initially, citizens sent videos of police personnel at construction sites but later they started sending complaints after they came to know about that Bassi had ordered strict action against concerned policemen if photos of any public wrong doings reached him.
In 1973 he joined the World Council of Churches as director of the Commission on World Mission and Evangelism (CWME), bringing to this post, as the late Bishop Lesslie Newbigin said, "a glowing assurance about the gospel and a corresponding desire to share it, a burning compassion for the victims of public wrong, a pastoral care for individual people and a bubbling sense of humour.
Spaking at the presentation, spokesperson Pat Dickens said that government had given the public wrong figures about the number of seals that are in existence.
Defamatory libel attacks the reputation of a specific person-, which is difficult to view as a public wrong.
I'm just hoping that this season of the Late Late Show can prove me - and much of the public wrong - with a series of highoctane, powerful, much talked about interviews.
I soon proved Joe Public wrong, handling the course best to win the most famous of Classics, giving my Italian trainer his second win in the race.
As presented above, legal moralism prima facie licenses the prohibition of all moral wrongs; minimalism requires a public wrong, private wrongs not being the proper subject of criminal prohibition.
The judges were right about his ability and the public wrong to keep voting him back in.
If someone breaks the law, it is a criminal act or public wrong.

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