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To this reviewer, Martin's insightful account of these four brilliant appeals for and to a public-spirited citizenry (remarkably successful, too) reveal Madison as an implicit believer in universal republican principles.
The aesthetic representation of the public-spirited woman had to allow her to have a different relationship to knowledge from that depicted by Milton in Paradise Lost or Rousseau in La Nouvelle Heloise; in Maria the eroticized model in which a woman learns in private from a man is challenged by one in which women learn from women and daughters from mothers.
The public-spirited quartet has been recruited to work at Kinver, near Stourbridge.
s annual "NBA Team-Up Celebration 2000" special honoring 200,000 public-spirited teens.
Public-spirited contributors apparently retaliate against exploiters in the only way available to them--by withdrawing their contributions, even knowing that they will probably end up with less money than if they gritted their teeth and continued to pay into the public fund.
Some 75 percent of SCA's funding is provided by conservation agencies; a healthy membership base of 23,000 and contributions from public-spirited corporations and foundations make up the balance.
By the same token, public-spirited people everywhere can support their neighborhood libraries by patronizing local book sales.
For the sake of our brave firefighters it is a menace we can all play a part in defeating - as responsible parents, vigilant neighbours and public-spirited citizens.
Here we have a public-spirited gentleman who braved the elements at sea working as a fisherman.
There have been a few brave, public-spirited individuals in the past and a law protecting whistle-blowers may encourage others to report illegalities.
TODAY we have thrown the spotlight on an immensely courageous and public-spirited family.