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Freedom of private associations (for example, social clubs, churches, and benevolent societies), while allowing what strict egalitarians deride as "discrimination," promotes, for Tocqueville, voluntary public-spiritedness.
Additionally though, the public-spiritedness component of professionalism recognizes that given the nature of much of the work performed by professionals, their work has an inevitable impact on the pubic interest, whether intended or not.
The only way to correct the shortcomings that are mentioned throughout the Report, is to help the individual acquire maturity and autonomy in regard to the social structures that oppress him, to reform education and to give space to the teaching of nationhood, of public-spiritedness and of equity and justice.
Poll data after September 11 showed dramatic increases in just about every measure of unity and public-spiritedness, from volunteerism to faith in government.
A nation or a culture cannot endure for long unless it is under-girded by common values such as valor, public-spiritedness, respect for others and for the law; it cannot stand unless it is populated by people who will act on motives superior to their own immediate interest.
The City Paper "has a kind of public-spiritedness about it, which can veer toward boosterism, but in other ways that's kind of nice to see in a paper," Wyatt says.
Yet a carefully orchestrated public-spiritedness, not class antagonism, was the hallmark of such theatre during the boom years, and Bright marshals plenty of evidence to show how the community-building project tended to co-opt and marginalize labour's identity.
Since these change agents were largely drawn from the Business Roundtable, Easton is sceptical of claims that their persistent advocacy of commercialisation has been motivated by a public-spiritedness, pointing out that "the Business Roundtable ignored any matter where a purist New Right position would infringe their immediate interests.
There is a high degree of public-spiritedness in his verse, and it is historically layered.
Interesting as this work is as a prime specimen of Evelyn's public-spiritedness, and of his desire to improve cultivation in line with the ideals of Francis Bacon and Samuel Hartlib, the section that is most rewarding to the modern reader is the 'Historical Account of the Sacredness and Use of Standing Groves' which was added to the second and subsequent editions, but is not reprinted in the present volume.
27) Three years later James reiterated his 1607 prohibition of gold and silver exports using a nationalistic rhetoric designed to appeal to the public-spiritedness and patriotism of traders and money dealers: