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Cohen's central point is that if one grants that the sense of collective identity and public-spiritedness is socially desirable, then it must also be desirable in an entire society.
The bargain prices were not announced in a fit of public-spiritedness, but as an act of survival in the face of the world economic crisis, which has caused a slump in bookings.
His own public-spiritedness is reflected in his commitment to Mosaic, the organization launched in 2007 by the Prince of Wales, with the objective of exploring how young British Muslims can take advantage of the possibilities British society has to offer.
Tocqueville saw the values of American democracy--equality and liberty, which could lead to the excesses of tyranny and anarchy--as restrained by the salubrious cultural aspects of American society: the Christian religion; aristocracy in the legal profession and among businessmen; public-spiritedness through free associations; strong traditional families; and a basic decency of manners.
The public-spiritedness component of professionalism recognizes that professionals have obligations to the common good or public interest that go beyond those who practice non-professional occupations.
District Judge Andrew Shaw, sitting in Prestatyn, said it must have been "very distressing" for the father, and praised him for his public-spiritedness.
Indeed, Callicles' attack on philosophy is rooted in a standard of nobility which, though it "lacks clarity as to its central principle," contains an important element of public-spiritedness (p.
He was absolutely remarkable and should be commended for his public-spiritedness.
Williams' The Anxious City is about how English urban places have developed since the dreadful days of the early 1980s, when both imagination and public-spiritedness were at an all-time low.
The only way to correct the shortcomings that are mentioned throughout the Report, is to help the individual acquire maturity and autonomy in regard to the social structures that oppress him, to reform education and to give space to the teaching of nationhood, of public-spiritedness and of equity and justice.
Poll data after September 11 showed dramatic increases in just about every measure of unity and public-spiritedness, from volunteerism to faith in government.
The City Paper "has a kind of public-spiritedness about it, which can veer toward boosterism, but in other ways that's kind of nice to see in a paper," Wyatt says.