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This is also where "20 Things Your Publicist Is Not Doing" has been published.
It's almost like a Princess Di story," publicist David Brokaw said of her death.
Many journalists call the publicist to say "I'm running with this story, just thought I'd give you a heads up"--if they even do that.
It is designed to facilitate the "rapid, dissemination of teachings" of contemporary publicists throughout the world.
She started to learn the Welsh language but that ended when she moved to Australia with her mother "Both mum and baby are doing great," the publicist said.
The publicist says it's possible Grammer's medication led to his symptoms.
HEATHER Mills' publicist Michele Elyzabeth has quit her job, slamming her as "impossible" to work for.
Only yesterday I fielded yet another call from the publicist of hotpants-clad Transylvanian twins, The Cheeky Girls.
Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty has been swamped with hundreds of calls after a fan sent out a mass email with her mobile number, her publicist said yesterday.
Other winners -- including Bob Barker, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences president Sid Ganis, publicist Alan Nierob, the publicity teams for "Ugly Betty" and "Borat," and journalist Bonnie Tiegel -- were also given an enthusiastic reception.
For years, Harris's publicist denied the star was gay.
If you're mean to your publicist, how is she supposed to say that you're the greatest thing since sliced bread?