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Manilow, 57, was hospitalised on Saturday after returning to his home from New York, where he and co-writer Bruce Sussman had taken part in "two of the most gruelling days of arbitration" in a lawsuit over rights to the musical Harmony, publicist Jerry J Sharell said.
The couple areoverjoyed,'' Winslet' s publicist,Jennifer Allen, said.
Though Internet promotion offers the kind of flexibility that celebrities juggling careers need and the access book publicists demand, there is no assurance that it'll land these busy authors on the best-seller list.
They have agents, lawyers, publicists and other business activities.
Setting up the stage takes twenty-four hours," publicist Angela Potter elaborates from Brooklyn's Center for the Performing Arts, where, a month before their Washington, D.
With an upcoming album release and promotional tour of the UK and Europe, it is a very exciting time for TGK," said Danika Berry, world renowned publicist.
Sansevieri, provides tips on how to think like a publicist
Washington, Dec, 6 ( ANI ): Ariel Winter's mother Crystal Workman who lost the legal guardianship of the 'Modern Family' star, reportedly contacted a Hollywood publicist and asked him to leak nude photos of her older daughter, Shanelle.
HOLLYWOOD actress Nicole Kidman has given birth to a baby girl, a publicist for her husband Keith Urban said yesterday.
Jailed socialite Paris Hilton has parted company with her publicist over what he said was a "misunderstanding" over probation terms in a reckless driving case.
It is true that she has lost her voice,'' Simpson's publicist, Rob Shuter, told the Associated Press on Tuesday.