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I've enjoyed working with Greg these past years as the independent publicist for artists including Coldplay, Bastille and Emeli Sande, and I couldn't be more excited to now be officially joining his and Steve's team.
In a world where people are paid handsomely to create make-believe drama that mimics real-life horror, the true-crime story of a Hollywood publicist killed by a cascade of bullets as she drove home from a movie premiere has left her friends stunned and trying to make sense of a senseless act.
Chef and restaurateurs approach publicists for different reasons.
But operators can encourage their own head bartender to design unusual beverage programs that attract attention, and they can be trained to handle the press as well, publicists say.
Karin Maake, a publicist at Hyperion Books, describes Foolish/Unfoolish as a book that takes "a young woman's outlook on love with an urban perspective.
And at one stage, the female publicist appears to suggest the show is a "stitch-up" and says the support behind stammering favourite Gareth makes her sick.
Hollywood publicists wars: Bruce Bibby, a senior editor at E
Unlike some hyperactive travel publicists, our hotel hosts were too sophisticated to try to corral us all into staying on the preordained trip schedule.
Finally, publicists are sometimes put on to supplement the work of the in-house person, particularly when large-scale activities are involved.
For those who are not yet members, EPPS is home to hundreds of entertainment publicists and marketing professionals in both LA and NY and is the national leader in publicity and marketing education, providing valuable seminars, industry resources and networking opportunities in Los Angeles and New York, focusing on the needs of the publicity community.
In the latest article on PR Newswire's PR Toolkit entitled, "Nine Ways to Think Like a Publicist," best-selling author, Penny Sansevieri explains that by understanding how publicists view each facet of their job and by following their process and ongoing efforts, you'll increase your chances for successfully garnering media coverage.
But with a few clicks, a blog can undo years of work by publicists who have formed a celebrity's image and keep it polished with all the right interviews and personal appearances.