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Suddenly, the publicist recalls, the actress was "inundated with Twitter inquiries and congratulations." Working together, the pair dispelled the rumor with a tweet of their own.
"It's almost like a Princess Di story," publicist David Brokaw said of her death.
AC Why do you think that chefs and restaurants need publicists?
The publicist is heard on the tape saying to Darius: "It makes me sick that if it is stitched up or whatever, it makes me sick because Gareth is not the best contender for the competition.
The airy attitude of the publicist at Jive Records is that they do this kind of thing all the time and that it is perfectly legitimate to tell fibs to the public.
Hollywood publicists wars: Bruce Bibby, a senior editor at E!
Unlike some hyperactive travel publicists, our hotel hosts were too sophisticated to try to corral us all into staying on the preordained trip schedule.
Cutlip pays the obligatory attention early on to pacesetter and PR patriarch Ivy Ledbetter Lee, who stressed honorable principles but who died a generally disgraced man after becoming a publicist for a chemical company in Nazi Germany.
Pretty good predicting, I'd say, although the 'hacks and publicists' charge is proving tough to shake.
Finally, publicists are sometimes put on to supplement the work of the in-house person, particularly when large-scale activities are involved.
It used to be a cozy little fraternity consisting of publicists and assorted celebrity acolytes, with guest bookers at the nexus.