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Officials in Beverly Hills, where veteran publicist Ronnie Chasen was gunned down late into the night last week, have offered few theories about her death other than to say police believe someone opened fire on her Mercedes from another vehicle.
In contrast with the ignore-it-and-it-will-go-away publicists, 42 West, founded by PMK defector Leslee Dart, and Kelly Bush's ID are among the newish agencies that successfully employ a proactive approach.
But it feels bad to me that every restaurant feels that they're nothing if they can't hire a publicist.
In getting the message out, publicists are increasingly using online newsletters because of their reach.
The publicist is heard on the tape saying to Darius: "It makes me sick that if it is stitched up or whatever, it makes me sick because Gareth is not the best contender for the competition.
The dance of mutual dependence between magazines and celebrities has long been a tense tango, with a media culture so carefully choreographed by publicists that celebrities can be shocked when they encounter a rare unpuffy question.
Unlike some hyperactive travel publicists, our hotel hosts were too sophisticated to try to corral us all into staying on the preordained trip schedule.
Finally, publicists are sometimes put on to supplement the work of the in-house person, particularly when large-scale activities are involved.
For those who are not yet members, EPPS is home to hundreds of entertainment publicists and marketing professionals in both LA and NY and is the national leader in publicity and marketing education, providing valuable seminars, industry resources and networking opportunities in Los Angeles and New York, focusing on the needs of the publicity community.
It's a lesson that's especially relevant today to publicists who are all too eager to let their clients share space in the weekly glossies alongside the reality star du jour.
In addition to their devout fans, readers of celebrity blogs include other bloggers (which sometimes makes for a circuitous Google search) and mainstream entertainment journalists looking for nuggets from the stars themselves rather than via personal or corporate publicists.
If an ad is placed," says independent book publicist Simone Cooper, "it will spur a station's program director to call up and inquire about booking the author.