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The Publicization of Home-Based Care Work in State Labor Law, supra note 71, at 1397: see also Paying the Price, supra note 2.
The result was an overcoming of the division of private and public law that laid at the basis of the bourgeois society and the beginning of what can be defined as the process of publicization of private law.
Quoted by Rahul Chaudhury, "Amidst considerable American pressure, Sharif finally agreed to take concrete and immediate steps for the restoration of the LoC, which was accepted by Vajpayee when it was conveyed to him prior to its publicization.
Social organizations (SO) were foreseen as the institutional design intended to deliver the publicization strategy, transforming former state organizations into nonprofit ones (MARE, 1995).
Publicization of the program aiming to draw at- tention for funding and national support.
25) Such philosophical questioning of social mores and class privilege to elicit moral improvement, consonant with Whig ideals, depended upon the publicization of "private" lives.
In this regard, the examination of the controversy's publicization and politicization processes (Lagroye 2003) is crucial in contextualizing the actors' activities.
192) This increased demand was driven in part by the 1998 Restructuring Act requirement that the IRS inform taxpayers about the OIC program, and in part by practitioners' increased publicization of OICs.
245) But see Jody Freeman, Extending Public Accountability Through Privatization: From Public Law to Publicization, in PUBLIC ACCOUNTABILITY 83, 83 (Michael W.
Privatization of health and publicization of violence: violence toward doctors in Turkey.
As a public event, in his words, "a scandal is an event of varying duration that starts with the publicization of a real, apparent, or alleged transgression to a negatively oriented audience and lasts as long as there is significant and sustained interest in it" (p.
While there may be more intertwining of public and private practices in contemporary news production, and the real possibility that greater use of personal experience in citizen journalism represents an interpellated (in the Foucauldian sense of a produced desire) publicization of the private, the decline of the public/private distinction was identified by Habermas, Sennett, and others well before the advent of the internet.